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Same Old Song has a Different Meaning now that Levi’s Gone…

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Tweet ( In 1965, my “big” brother Gerald returned to Oklahoma City from his freshman year at Southern University in Baton Rouge. One of the first things he pulled out of his suitcase was a collection of blurry Kodak images he’d snapped during a campus concert of the Four Tops. I’d heard of them. By […]

Levi Stubbs, ‘Soul Men,’ and The Colin Powell Effect…

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Tweet ( LEVI’S LEGACY *The Four Tops signature tune “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” is my favorite song of all time. I was three years-old when that legendary Motown jam soared to the top of the charts and to this day I get happy whenever I hear it. My two daughters (ages […]

Why McCain Did Not Go for Obama’s Racial Jugular…

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Tweet ( A handful of top advisors in the McCain camp were perplexed at their boss’s flat refusal to again slam Democratic rival Barack Obama on his ties to his former pastor Jeremiah Wright. Instead they picked the race neutral target of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, and tried to tie Obama to him. […]

The Argument For Settling…

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Tweet ( While conducting a relationship seminar recently, I became amused by two thirty-something women who were insisting that being with a man who didn’t fit every single criterion on their checklists was tantamount to “settling.” It was amusing for a number of reasons. It was amusing because the checklists included a combination of qualities […]

African Americans should resist the urge to justify love for Obama….

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Tweet ( For many, the Presidential Debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain presented yet another opportunity for the public to dialogue on why they are in support of their favorite contender. Those still sitting “on the fence” may have also been provided reasons to step down. While we converse about which candidate offers […]

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