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Money, Money, Money…

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Tweet ( Look at the dollar bills in your wallet. They say they are “legal tender for all debts.” But are they? What makes them valuable? What makes them worth anything? Each bill says, “In God We Trust.” But God won’t guarantee their value. The $20 bill depicts the White House. Congress is on $50s. […]

Six Ways To Fix American Universities.

Tweet ( Distinguished professor emeritus of economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder’s new book, “Restoring the Promise,” published by the Independent Institute based in Oakland, California, is about the crisis in higher education. He summarizes the three major problems faced by America’s colleges and universities. First, our universities “are vastly too expensive, often costing twice […]

Why Your E-commerce Business Isnt Making Money.

Tweet ( Many people have a dream of setting up their own e-commerce store and cashing in on some of the success of companies like Etsy and Amazon. But as many keen sellers soon find out, it’s easier said than done. Making money in retail has been difficult traditionally. But making money online is even […]

Those Right-Wing Disrupters.

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Tweet ( Recently, I saw two separate stories about right-wing disrupters. In one case, a well-known bookstore in the Washington, DC area, “Politics & Prose,” was visited by right-wing disrupters during a book event focused on “whiteness.” In another case, a discussion of race and politics in the Dominican Republic was disrupted by alleged Dominican […]

Which is Worse? College Corruption or Admissions SCAM?

Tweet ( Last week’s column discussed the highly publicized university corruption scheme wherein wealthy parents bought admission at prestigious universities for their children. That is dishonest and gives an unfair advantage to those young people but won’t destroy the missions of the universities. There is little or no attention given by the mainstream media to […]

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