Monday, January 24, 2022

December is a time for family, friends.

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Tweet ( Greetings! It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of 2021! So many challenges and triumphs. COVID-19 is still a real concern, but we do have a vaccine (age 5 to adult), social distancing and hand sanitizer and hand washing to combat its spread. December 2021 is much different than […]

Time to reimagine and replace spanking?

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Tweet ( A favorite term used by “progressive” leftists is the word “reimagine.” Don’t be deceived as the word is basically a euphemism to cover up tearing down and removing that which they want erased. Example: “Time to reimagine policing” means defunding police, free bail, freeing felons and replacing law enforcement with “non-racist, compassionate social […]

About 84% Of African American Women will Never Get A Ring On The Fourth Finger Of Their Left Hand.

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Tweet ( Yes, The powerful black African American Queen with all her wigs, hair extensions, fake nails, fake eyes lashes, big buttocks and queens of twerking in public places will never have any type of men proposed to her and she will never know how it feels to be called a Wife. Certainly, many black […]

Who Wears The Pants in a Bi-racial Marriage And Relationship.

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Tweet ( America has always wonder why are African Americans so fascinated with dating, sleeping, marrying a white person and the controversies that come along with this type of relationships. Many of us have heard of the word Swirling which is a term use in the black community in which there is a physical and […]

Are African-American Men and White Women Still the Last Taboo?

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Tweet ( The instant the news broke from Bend, Oregon that 22-year-old Barry Washington was shot dead by Ian Cranston in a bar dispute the messages, emails and calls poured into the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office. They all said one thing: remember Emmett Till. Till’s lynch murder in 1955 in Mississippi by white men […]

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