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Film Review: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

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In a candid interview, veteran director Martin Scorsese expressed his view of MU films: “… they seem to me to be closer to theme parks than they are to movies … I don’t think they’re cinema.”  The very thoughtful Black Panther and extremely debauched Deadpool beg to differ. But junky, formulaic MU movies like Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania make Scorsese’s case. 

Movie Review: Knock at the Cabin.

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The common denominator for most movies is a protagonist fighting an antagonist or evil until there is a winner. If audiences are expecting that clear distinction or a fitting, cataclysmic climax in this existential film about choosing between family or humanity, think again. The footage leads to a disappointing ending, though one not nearly as egregious as that in the source book, Paul Tremblay’s horror novel A Cabin at the End of the World.

Film Review: Missing.

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Rarely has this generation of social media fanatics and tech heads been given their own film. This is their gift. A homage to their way of life. For all the moms and dads shaming their kids for spending too much time alone in their rooms on their devices, this is a warning. Texting and social media savvy may save your life one day. So shut the door and stay out of their business!

Movie Review: House Party.

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Calmatic is successful with sight gags, physical pranks and the dance offs in party scenes. Though the crux of the movie takes place at LeBron’s place, the most outrageous wacky stuff comes in a sequence where Cudi takes the duo to an underground, secret-society world populated by weird Caligula-looking people. The debauchery, depravity and horrific violence on view are so funny viewers will lose their lunch, spill their drinks or gag on their weed. That’s the frustration with this update. It could have been better, tighter, funnier and even more frenzied.

Movie Review; Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

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If Whitney Houston fans long to feel her essence again, this movie and its illusions gives them a chance. But not like an extraordinary biofilm. More like a condensed diary with lots of wonderful music. 

Stephen tWitch Boss Shattered the Myth of Black Suicides.

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Researchers also found that the narratives on real or suspected Black suicides were far more likely to use words and phrases such as “questionable,” “nothing” and “no further details.” This further minimized both the impact and the numbers of Black suicides. In trying to understand why Blacks such as tWitch commit suicide, a suicide note is the prime evidence sought and scrutinized. However, again there’s a disparity between whites and Blacks who commit suicide. Whites are more likely to leave a note than Blacks. tWitch was an exception. He did leave a note.

Movie Review: Emancipation.

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Smith is not a consistently strong character actor. Yes, his performance in King Richard was charming and his characterization of the Nigeran pathologist in Concussion was seamless, accent and all. But here, his stiff, brooding portrayal feels obtrusive, his creole patois doesn’t gel and he wears too much makeup. It makes you wish he had been coached to blend into the scenery. Like the very fluid actor Jeffrey Wright does in every role, and particularly in the Civil War drama Ride with the Devil.

Film Review: Avatar – The Way of Water.

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You want the Sullys to find peace. You fully understand that any bliss may come at a price for them and their protectors. Minutes then hours roll by, and when the film ends you only wish for more. That you could binge-watch Avatar for an entire weekend. And with the future arrivals of chapters 3, 4 and 5, that will be a welcomed reality in years to come.  

The Right Needs ‘Democrat’ Hunter Biden.

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They know it. But here’s something else they need to meditate on: Even if everything they’re alleging about Joe Biden were true; even if he did pull strings to help his son and even profited unjustly thereby, it still wouldn’t amount to a fraction of what Trump did. And it still won’t wash out the “damn’d spot.”

DC Politics: Qatar is the best supporting actor for U.S. in Arabian Gulf.

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Qatar’s culture frowns on public displays of LGBT orientations or enthusiasms as do many nations. FIFA knew that in choosing Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. Attendees know in advance that publicly exhibiting LGBT membership risks legal consequences. When in Rome, do as the Romans do is a time-honored courtesy expected of visitors in foreign lands.

The United States would be well advised to anchor its Middle East strategy to Qatar

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