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It seems African-Americans miss Trump.

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( Someone recently asked if the “streets” miss Trump. In fact it was Doc Rich, a popular black YouTuber.

He recently posted two reaction videos on this topic. Both were street interview videos, where the interviewers spoke with random black Americans. One, the aforementioned, “Do the streets miss Trump?” featured black comedian David Lucas. The other, entitled, “Black people want Trump back,” featured Savannah Hernandez. Thank you Doc for posting these.

I bring these videos up for two reasons. First, we’ve been told by the left, more times than one can count, that Trump is a virulent racist and that he magically became one the day he launched his campaign for the Republican nomination for president in 2015. And after he won the election, it just got worse.

Then recall the May 2020 pronouncement made by the real racist Joe Biden: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

If either or both is true, why would any black person miss Trump?

Well, in the words of Clinton campaign strategist James Carville in 1992, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Simply put, Carville meant that at the end of the day, people will always tend to vote with their wallets. This has been pretty much true, save for extraordinary circumstances like war and such, for all elections. This fact was/is not exactly a revelation – it just sounded revelatory coming from Carville, with his matter-of-fact, folksy Southern accent.

What prompted the videos was Uncle Joe’s recent proclamations that, “Since I took office, families are carrying less debt,” and “Americans feel financially comfortable.” Yep, in the face of all that reality out there, he said it.

Outside of a gas station, Savannah Hernandez asked specifically black Americans just how “comfortable” they felt.

The first guy she comes across says to her: “Comfortable? Look at them gas prices. That ain’t comfortable to me. Hell no!”

She asked the same of a black father who had his young son with him. His answer was essentially the same. “It really hurts America with the gas prices.” All others expressed the about same sentiment.

Then something unexpected happened. The interviewees began to bring up Trump. One man said that we are not now financially stable, “but when Trump was in office, I was feeling really good.” Another man exclaimed that he, “missed daddy ‘T,’ Trump. I didn’t always agree with him, but he kept it real – he was better.”

Now on to the other video, “Do the streets miss Trump?”

Right out the gate, a black female told Lucas, knowing it may bring her some heat, that, “when Trump was president, I had a few more dollars in my pocket.” She then added, quite astutely, “Biden – I feel like he wants to keep poor people poor.” Now there’s a bumper sticker for you! Well said, young lady. Doc then paused the video to react and explain that by keeping poor people poor, they will be dependent on government for everything. Can’t put it better myself.

Another woman chimed in that Biden can give Ukraine billions of dollars, but won’t help his own people. Another great point.

Lucas then approached a couple of young black men. One said he made a lot of money during Trump, and “there was no war either.” Yet another interesting and insightful point.

Isn’t it funny that these people just walking around South Beach are more plugged into what’s actually going on than the bubble-headed Ivy League college students we see interviewed all the time?

The one and only white guy Lucas spoke with was a dread-locked rapper called M.C. Boota, who reminded us that he was paying $1.97 for gas before Biden took office. He then added, “Bring back Trump.” Another rapper, said bringing Trump back “is the best thing we can do.”

I feel pretty confident in saying that these man-on-the-street interviews aren’t unique – that this “I miss Trump” sentiment is happening everywhere in America. And Doc Rich added that he is convinced all the bad is purposeful by the Biden administration.

We conservatives need to support these guys so they can continue doing what we can’t. They can spread the word on the streets and remind everyone just how good we all had it during the Trump years. So go out and find these videos, subscribe to their channels and share them as much as you can.

Columnist; Brent Smith

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One Response to “It seems African-Americans miss Trump.”
  1. Geraldine Dismuke says:

    You’re kidding,right. Trump was and is a gifter. Always has been.
    We were suckered into “America first,” and told to ignore everybody else’s suffering. “That’s their problem.” Well, folks, that’s not Christ-like thinking.

    Trump wants to be Emporer. To have all of us as hus “subjects.” We just celebrated Juneteenth, the end of slavery. But for gas prices sake, werewilling to enslave ourselves to the new Trump master.

    He totally bungled the response to the COVID pandemic. Talking about “keeping it real.” Really!? Trump would not even accept truth of Covid’s seriousness!

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