Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Joe Biden’s ESG Investment Rules Threaten Your Retirement Savings.

Bravo to Vanguard for pulling out of the ESG scam. If you’ve invested your money with BlackRock or State Street, you might want to ask why they haven’t done the same.

Mother Africa Must Heal Itself — And Not Rely on America.

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Finally, African nations must downsize their governments to give the private sector breathing room to innovate and prosper and to diminish the economic incentive for electoral fraud. Governments in most, if not all, African nations dominate the economy with legally protected, bloated, stagnant and corrupt monopolies.

What’s Joe Biden hidin’ about China?

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Fauci and Daszak will be on the hot seat under oath when the House Republicans launch hearings in the new Congress.

2023 may turn out to be the year when grieving Americans finally get answers. Simply moving on is unacceptable.

Politics: We’re At A Dangerous Milestone.

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Shame on The Wall Street Journal for its prissy equivocations in declining to define as “lies” repeated falsehoods from the most prodigious liar in U.S. history.

Social Media – Twitter Files: The real news is the left doesn’t care.

If you think half the country, including Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, are losing sleep, you’re kidding yourself. After all, Trump’s out. Recall what the retired Harry Reid said about lying about Romney’s alleged nonpayment of taxes. Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash if he had regrets about the lie Reid said, “Well, Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Joe Biden’s Bribe of Americans.

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Regardless of the outcome of the student debt relief case at the Supreme Court, it is clear that politicians prioritize votes and power over the American people. They will use shiny ideals and bribes to manipulate the electorate and secure their votes. This is a fundamental flaw in our political system and must be addressed to ensure that the interests of the people are truly represented.

2022: Tis The Season For Food Justice.

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The hunger issue is real, and so is the search for healthy, fresh food. Some call inner cities “food desserts,” but others describe them as “food swamps” because plenty of unhealthy food is available. What kind of system makes it easier to find grease and sugar than fresh produce? What makes the grease more profitable than the greens?

2022: The Time is Now for Increasing Diversity in American Media Ownership.

The multimedia publishing and communications industry is a trillion-dollar business sector in America. Yet the disparities and inequities of ownership of media industry businesses by persons of color remains glaringly inequitable.

The Most Worshipful Michelle Obama Review Ever?

When Barack Obama’s memoir, “A Promised Land,” came out right after the 2020 election, their New York Times book review also was destined to become a sales pitch. The publisher happily and repeatedly regurgitated author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “Barack Obama is as fine a writer as they come … (A Promised Land) is nearly always pleasurable to read, sentence by sentence, the prose gorgeous in places, the detail granular and vivid.”

What to Look Out For on Hotel Websites.

Hotels websites are a great way to learn about the hotel, its amenities, and what to expect when you arrive. However, not all websites are as good as they could be. Some hotels have more comprehensive websites with information about the surrounding area and local attractions. Other websites are more focused on advertising rates and special offers.

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