Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hospitals, Stop Hiding Your Prices.

Tweet ( Most people using hospital services must sign a form indicating that they will pay whatever their health insurance doesn’t. Federal transparency rules can help defend us against the consequence of that signature. Federal price transparency rules require hospitals to post all negotiated rates, including cash prices for the uninsured, every single commercial insurance […]

The Real Reasons for Americans’ Low Life Expectancy.

January 16, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( An American baby born today can expect to live 77.3 years, on average — 1.5 years less than Americans born in 2019, and considerably less than newborns in other Western democracies like the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, where life expectancies at birth exceed 80 years. What causes this discrepancy? It’s our lack […]

Preparing for Post-Roe America.

January 15, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( This year may be the last January March for Life. I’ve attended many of the annual pro-life gatherings in our nation’s capital, and it’s a sight to behold. There’s always a big showing from North Dakota, thanks to the University of Mary in Bismarck. The day before the march, I almost always encounter […]

COVID-19 Allowed Too Many to Pervert Their Power.

January 11, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( For the first couple of weeks in December, a tiny, bare tulip tree, common in Appalachia, grows on the trail that hugs Turtle Creek and the eye of passersby. Decorated with cheerful homemade Christmas ornaments, it brought smiles to the faces of cyclists, runners and walkers who saw it every day. Some days, […]

2022 Predictions.

January 5, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( By looking at past trends, patterns and experiences we can fairly accurately predict what we will see and experience in the coming year. The past two years have witnessed the spread of “novel coronaviruses” and a single minded focus on vaccines as the only way to halt their spread. Based upon our experiences […]

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