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Movie Review: The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

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Dr. Elisha Hall, African American Engagement Director of C&C, and Ms. Brandi Alexander Chief Engagement Officer of C&C; Shawn Perry, Executive Producer and Host of The Senior Zone; Dr. Beverly M. Morgan, of the Black Nurses Association and Ricardo Thomas offered valuable economic information.  I wish I could name everybody who participated, but I’m limited with words!

What Happens If You Hit A Jaywalker In California?

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Accidents involving jaywalkers in California encompass a complex interplay of legal, safety, and behavioral factors that require careful consideration. Understanding the potential legal consequences, insurance coverage, and claims process is essential for all parties involved.

Regardless if you are a driver or you are a jaywalker, it is best to seek legal representation to get compensation and hold the person responsible.

Camp Lejeune Compensation Eligibility: Do You Qualify?

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Camp Lejeune’s contamination legacy is a stark reminder of environmental disasters’ profound effects on individuals and communities.

The Camp Lejeune compensation program is a steadfast inspiration, offering vital support and relief. The programs provide hope for those impacted by toxic exposure, aiming to restore health and well-being. It marks a journey toward acknowledgment, relief, and closure for those affected.

Film Review; Fast X.

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It’s a formula that’s worked for 22 years, ever since The Fast and Furious premiered in 2001. Team up a crew of multicultural drivers and motorcyclists—aka street racers. Give em’ fast cars and bikes and an enemy to fight, then sit back and watch. This new edition follows that successful blueprint, reassembles the base cast and adds a few new characters. 

A Climate In Crisis.

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The National Urban League wants to see black businesses and workers participate in the economic opportunity that renewable energy investments are creating. As the eminent threats of climate change continues to loom, we can no longer afford to ignore it. We have an opportunity to realize the clean energy transition in a way that creates a more inclusive and equitable economy, but we need to implement bold and innovative ideas to be part of it.

Politics: One Stat Rarely Tells the Story.

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The Biden administration has inadvertently reduced the debt-to-GDP ratio. But it has done it in the worse possible way, refusing to heed warnings of an inflation debacle and instill some fiscal common sense. This has made the work of the Fed harder, if not impossible, and life more difficult for rich and poor Americans alike.

Americans: Save the Planet, Invest in Fossil Fuels.

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If we want more of the poorest people to have decent lives, we need to invest in both fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Why Do ‘GOP’ Lionize the Leaker?

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Lawler may still represent the majority in the Grand Old Party, or at least we should hope so. But any Republican still aiming to protect national security and uphold democracy must look hard at the likes of Trump, Greene, Carlson and their gang — whose perfidious behavior inflames the very worst suspicion.

Republican Tim Scott and American Exceptionalism.

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This vital message was lost in the presidency of our first Black president, and great damage was done.

So, Scott’s race matters not for woke reasons but for anti-woke reasons.

This is a candidacy that can make all the difference where Barack Obama failed.

How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel Conversion Rates?

Before implementing tools like lead magnets to optimize your sales funnel, it is crucial to conduct backtesting. This can help you identify any potential issues or flaws in the tool and ensure that it is effective and aligned with your overall marketing strategy. While sales are important, the perspective of the consumer is far more significant.

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