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Spiritual Alchemy.

May 14, 2021 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) The original word ‘Alchemy’ (‘Chemi,’ parent name of Egypt or Kemet) means chemistry of Nature ‘from Egypt’. Broadly, ‘Alchemy’ is a philosophical system containing the beginning of all Science–originally dealing with Mysteries of Matter, Creation, and Right Life-seeking so as to harmonize humans holistically with the Cosmos.’” Alchemy-African Sages Chemistry of Nature- Dr. Joseph Bailey II, MD,FACS We are […]

5 Takeaways from the New ‘Satan Sneakers’.

April 2, 2021 by  
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Tweet (ThyBlackMan.com) The announcement of rapper Lil Nas X’s limited edition, Satan Sneakers, has created a media firestorm, which was the most obvious goal of the campaign. After all, how much money can be made from a run of 666 sneakers, all allegedly featuring a drop of human blood? Yet there are practical takeaways from this publicity […]

Spiritual Talk; A Sharp Tongue Cuts from the Inside Out.

May 17, 2020 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Growing up, I was never a student of the Bible even though I grew up surrounded by the best kind of Christians there were: the love-filled family kind. I believe I am now being constantly moved by the Holy Spirit (I hope) to see the simplicity in the scripture I now study. As […]

Its An Ecumenical Matter: Embracing Those From Other Religions.

March 11, 2020 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) It is all too easy to see our own beliefs as superior to those of others. Whether they are religious, political or otherwise. However, such a situation is at the root of persecution. An issue that all religious communities have suffered from at one time or another. In fact, sometimes it is the […]

5 Truths Most Americans Are Afraid to Say.

October 21, 2019 by  
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Tweet (Akiit.com) Our world can be a dark place. There is abundant evidence of this, but one recent example was a threat of possible violence tied to the October opening of the film, “The Joker.” According to U.S. News & World Report, the FBI became involved when references were made to the 2012 shooting in an […]

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