Saturday, October 16, 2021

Film Review; No Time to Die.

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Tweet ( It’s a farewell. An elongated sendoff James Bond fans will instinctively desire. And they should. As should any action film enthusiast who likes a dash of style mixed in with their adrenaline-rush martini. James Bond (Daniel Craig) has retired from the game and MI6. He is not happy when his buddy CIA agent […]

Are African-American Men and White Women Still the Last Taboo?

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Tweet ( The instant the news broke from Bend, Oregon that 22-year-old Barry Washington was shot dead by Ian Cranston in a bar dispute the messages, emails and calls poured into the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office. They all said one thing: remember Emmett Till. Till’s lynch murder in 1955 in Mississippi by white men […]

Parents Have Peaked Behind the Curtain.

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Tweet ( The war on terror was codified after the attack on our nation on September 1, 2001, with the institutionalization of the Patriot Act and establishment of the Department of Homeland Security. Theoretically, this agency would be aimed at confronting attacks on the U.S. from abroad. My have things changed since then. After some nudging by […]

Black Parents Stop Sending Your Children To White Schools.

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Tweet ( Sometimes, I wonder what is wrong with Black America and my African American brothers and sisters? We still have not learned from the past and we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again; even though, racist white America continues to piss, defecate, stomped, humiliate, beat, assault, killed and then laugh […]

What Happens To ‘ATL’, If The Wealthy Leaves And Creates A New City?

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Tweet ( In an attempt to increase the white population and maintain white political control, the city of Atlanta expanded its borders northward to include the once rural area called Bulkhead. This successful annexation was made in 1952 under Mayor William Hartfield’s “Plan of Improvement”. Today, Atlanta is a far different municipality. The Bulkhead district […]

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