Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hospitals, Stop Hiding Your Prices.

Tweet ( Most people using hospital services must sign a form indicating that they will pay whatever their health insurance doesn’t. Federal transparency rules can help defend us against the consequence of that signature. Federal price transparency rules require hospitals to post all negotiated rates, including cash prices for the uninsured, every single commercial insurance […]

Joe Biden Should Declare NATO Membership Closed.

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Tweet ( In 2014, when Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to a U.S.-backed coup that ousted a pro-Russian regime in Kyiv by occupying Crimea, President Barack Obama did nothing. When Putin aided secessionists in the Donbass in seizing Luhansk and Donetsk, once again, Obama did nothing. Why did we not come to the military assistance […]

The Right Internet Search Engines Based On Your Race, Culture and Beliefs.

Tweet ( We have all heard of Google, Yahoo. Bing and AOLs search engines for the internet which are the major leading websites that provide all types of services to consumers worldwide. Yet, there are more than 20 search engines websites that provide similar and even better service than the leading brands that are currently […]

MLK’s Challenge And His Plan For Progress.

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Tweet ( Thirty-six years ago, this country first celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day — but not every state did so. In a continued demonstration of the words and life of Dr. King, not even recognizing his greatness was done equally. In his Letter from Birmingham Jail, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. charged us […]

Donald Trump Derangement Is a ‘National Emergency’.

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Tweet ( What would you say about a firefighter who speeds through town every day with sirens shrieking and horns blaring for cars to move over as he blows through traffic lights, then finally stops to gush tons of water on a building that was never on fire? “He’s a nut! He’s crazy! The man […]

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