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Why Customer Feedback Is The Most Important Aspect Of Any Business.

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(Akiit.comIf there’s one thing you need to make sure you get right with your business, it’s customer feedback. Everything else can be worked on. You’ve got a product that has a few faults? That’s OK — as long as you’re listening to your customers. It’s them who you’re relying on to provide loyal support over the coming months and years. Your business will go through good and bad times, and you’ll need them there for support during the bad times.

With that in mind, here are some excellent ways to get customer feedback.

Ditch The Surveys…Bring In The Internet

You know how you used to hand out a boring piece of paper with a2016-tech-black-professionals survey on it? Times have changed, and you really don’t need this anymore. Nowadays, the internet offers much more potential. Medical professionals are using the internet for improving patient satisfaction on a real-time basis. Sales people are using the power of CRM software to obtain more detailed statistics. Even the tiniest of operations use the internet for things like live chat systems. It’s time you upgraded.

Feedback On An Order Confirmation Page

When your customers are browsing your website, you don’t want to take their mind away from their purchase. That’s why it’s probably not a good idea to bombard them with requests for feedback just yet. Instead, wait until they’ve placed their order. At that final page, present them a request for a quick feedback questionnaire. It won’t take them long, and you won’t have lost out on any sales.

Run Competitions As Part Of A Questionnaire

Sometimes, you need to offer a greater incentive to get more feedback. Customers aren’t often willing to give up their time to fill in a 10-minute-long form. If you’re planning a particularly hefty questionnaire, why not include it as part of a competition? Then, those who complete it can be entered into the draw to win a prize of your choice. Giveaway a chef’s knife set, cat window perch, or anything at all from your company to delight customers. 

Create An Online Community

It’s quite difficult to forge an online community via internet forums nowadays, as there’s simply so many of them. That said, you might be running a business that could benefit from one, and they’re free to install on your website. Or, start looking at new community platforms like Slack, that can bring your most loyal customers together. It’s a great way of getting feedback.

Don’t Forget Social Media

How could anyone forget this? Facebook and Twitter are fantastic ways of getting feedback. Customers don’t even realize they’re providing feedback when they comment on your posts in the majority of cases. Don’t go ignoring what they say. Use that information to bolster your company in the future. Make sure you stay active on social media, too, and post engaging content that entices customers to respond.

Make no mistake that customer feedback is absolutely crucial. Without it, your business won’t be able to retain its most important fans in the long-term. Always listen to what they have to say, and use those suggestions to enhance your business going forward.

Staff Writer; Patrick Jenkins

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