Sunday, May 31, 2020

Donald Trump Is on the Ballot — Not His Twitter Feed.

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Tweet ( This past week, years-long tensions over the rather peculiar Twitter feed of the president of the United States reached a boiling point. President Donald Trump, of late, has been engaged in a rather sordid and baseless bit of social media mudslinging about popular cable host Joe Scarborough’s purported involvement in the death of […]

Can Democrats ‘mail in’ Uncle Joe Biden’s election?

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Tweet ( The man in black solemnly stepped forward and placed a flower wreath at the military graveyard’s central display as TV cameras from many networks recorded the ceremony to mark Memorial Day. Americans whose loved ones gave some, or gave all, for our nation expect this annual moment of honor and remembrance from our […]

Donald Trump’s presidency but Hillary Clinton’s playbook?

Tweet ( We are three-and-a-half years into Trump’s first presidential term, but why are we still in Hillary’s playbook? I suppose it could be coincidence. Life is full of coincidences. Maybe winning lottery tickets are a coincidence. A man in our area recently bought two lottery tickets at the mini-mart, went home and got a […]

What About Our Youth?

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Tweet ( Like many who’ve had to shelter-in-place, I’ve had time for introspection and reflection. I’ve had to limit contact with family members, but I’ve had the opportunity to share memories and plan for future engagements with them. As leader of a national organization, I’ve had to plan for the utilization of new creative procedures to […]

The Old, Sick And Incarcerated.

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Tweet ( There were 4623 incarcerated people over 65 in federal prisons during the first week of May. Until May 12, Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s one-time campaign manager, was one of them. The 71-year-old petitioned the court for release to home confinement because of his age, heart condition, and “fear of coronavirus.” Yet the federal […]

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