Sunday, April 5, 2020

Joe Biden Can’t Fundraise Because He Can’t Lead.

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Tweet ( Playing the role of life preserver, the liberal media are desperately trying to buoy Joe Biden’s sinking candidacy — but the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee keeps clinging grimly to the anchor that is dragging him down to the depths of political irrelevance. The New York Times recently published an article arguing that “Joe Biden’s campaign and […]

President Trump Is Right: Economic Shutdown Will Result in Deadly Health Crisis, Scientists Say.

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Tweet ( On March 24, President Trump expressed an intense desire to begin the process of loosening restrictions in some portions of our country so that the American economy can slowly begin to emerge from the government-imposed shutdown of most commerce. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself,” he tweeted. “At […]

The House Democrats Reveal Plan to Attack Security of Military Votes.

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Tweet ( Since the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord rallied to the cause of liberty in 1775, the American military has held a unique place of respect and affection in our national ethos. Yet in the Coronavirus relief package recently passed by Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats tried to include language making […]

Donald Trump’s Strategic Foresight Is Being Put to the Test.

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Tweet ( The ancient Greeks believed that true leadership in crisis came down to what they called pronoia — the Greek word for “strategic foresight.” Some statesmen, such as Pericles and Themistocles, had it. Most others, such as the often brilliant and charismatic but impulsive Alcibiades, usually did not. “Foresight” in crisis means sizing up […]

Movie Review; The Banker.

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Tweet ( Making films based on true events gets a lot of projects off the ground. Sometimes you watch a movie and when you discover at the end it’s based on fact, it adds something. Sometimes it doesn’t. The Banker proves that if you go to that well too many times, the yield is less and less. […]

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