Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Donald Trump Threatens Anti-fascists With Being Classified As “Terrorists”?

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Tweet ( It should not surprise us that a person who would claim that there were “good people” among the fascist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia would now move to classify an anti-fascist network as alleged “terrorists.” But that is precisely what “Agent Orange,” i.e., Donald Trump, has been intimating. Unfortunately, this is not comedic; it […]

Film Review; Brian Banks.

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Tweet ( In this MeToo age, a biofilm about a wrongfully convicted high school football player, who was accused, tried and imprisoned for rape, is timely. The real Brian Banks, the subject of this movie, lived through an ordeal that was tragic, inspiring and often profound. However, something is lost in this one-dimensional retelling of his life experiences. Something turns his […]

The Democrats Offer Salvation…With Strings Attached.

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Tweet ( Democrats are running an interesting campaign so far. They’re promising “freebies” to everyone, which is normal for leftists, but they’re also offering salvation. “Vote against Trump’s racism or you’re a racist,” they say. When it comes to what that racism is exactly, they’re less clear. But these self-appointed Popes of politics stand ready […]

The Democrats, in Showing Their Extremism, Do Nation a Favor.

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Tweet ( In Wednesday evening’s Democratic presidential debate circus, the left’s favorite darlings turned on one another with a selfish vengeance, which was a positive development for the country and mildly entertaining. The glorious infighting continued among progressive commentators. This acrimony, coupled with the public exposure of the left’s crazy ideas, surely diminished the party’s […]

Uncle Joe Biden Steps Up Gun Targeting Ahead of Debate.

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Tweet ( Joe Biden’s been in Washington D.C. for nearly 50 years and he’s finally got a plan. Too bad, it’s not much of one. Former Vice President Joe Biden released his Criminal Justice campaign platform just in time for the second Democratic presidential candidate debate to be held in Detroit. He’s up to his old tricks. […]

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