Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcoming Immigrants Keeps The United States Of America Great.

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Tweet ( President Donald Trump was elected on his pledge to make America great again. Yet, for all of his rhetoric, he seems to have forgotten the men and women, from every corner of the globe, who have worked so hard to build the great country we see today. President Trump leads a nation of immigrants, […]

Donald Trump’s Lies!!

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Tweet ( I’m a product of the “Southern Experience.” Many of my views are shaped by the “mother wit” and logic learned growing up there. There’s something unique to the down-to-Earth “common sense” of the “Old Folks” as they reckoned with and evaluated their circumstance and environment. One of the frequently repeated axioms I distinctly remember […]

2017: Tell-Tale Signs You Have “Decision Fatigue” and What to Do About It.

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Tweet ( Do you ever feel drained by the very thought of making another decision? There’s a name for the depletion of energy that comes from weighing and making constant decisions: Decision fatigue. It can be caused by having a lot of responsibilities and a lot of opportunities. “Do I take the job offer, or stay […]

Black People, When Will We Learn?

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Tweet ( A recent study on wealth was conducted by Amy Traub, Laura Sullivan, Tatjana Meschede and Tom Shapiro.  The study did a comparison of Black and White wealth and Latino and White wealth.  In our community, we have been consumed with racial inequities, voter suppression, health care, unjustified police shootings and racial bias in […]

Why O.J. Simpson Should Be Freed—And Why It Matters.

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Tweet ( O.J. Simpson won’t go away. I posed the question on my Facebook page “Should O.J. be paroled? It drew an avalanche of responses. Even while respondents hotly protested they didn’t care, they still debated, raged, and fumed on the page about him. He still touches a sore nerve. There is, and never will […]

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