Sunday, December 16, 2018

Preparing For A Scan The MRI(ght) Way.

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Tweet ( If there’s one piece of medical equipment we all pray never to come across, it’s the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner. Thanks to horror films and fluke accidents, many of us think these spell bad news for our health. The idea of laying down and going into that tunnel is, frankly, petrifying. None of […]

Medical Breakthroughs We Hope To See In The Near Future.

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Tweet ( As a species we have done pretty well when it comes to keeping ourselves alive. Compared to say, 100 years ago, the human life expectancy has risen from between 31-40 to a whopping 70-80 years of age. As you no doubt already know, the oldest people on earth have lived to almost 120 years […]

Is Your House Hurting Your Health?

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Tweet ( Lifestyle, age and exercise all play a role in the way that our bodies respond to the environments around us. The thing is, our environments also play a part in our health. Issues such as mold, radon and carbon dioxide can be huge hazards to your health, and some of these hazards are those […]

You Know, Beverage Taxes Are Not the Health Solution that Working Families Need.

December 10, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Every month, it seems another state or local government holds a vote on whether they should tax sugar-sweetened beverages. Recently, a broad coalition of Washingtonians, including labor unions such as the Teamsters, Machinists, and Building Trades, voted to ensure that groceries and beverages are exempted from new taxes that raise prices and cost jobs. […]

Things You Didn’t Used to Need to Think About.

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Tweet ( Ignorance is bliss they say. It truly is at times. Not knowing something, or even better, not needing to know something can be a luxury. As the world is changing at an increased pace, one might want to utter those words spoken by the character Cypher in the Matrix (1999): “plug me back in.” […]

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