Monday, October 23, 2017

Keep Your Head Up, Live Life & Your Hair To The Fullest.

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Tweet ( Don’t be dismayed or bamboozled about the latest news or the newest controversial tweet or statement from Donald Trump, focus on remaining sane amidst the feverish daily assaults on our psyches by the mind control apparatus owned and operated by the 1%’s corporations. Don’t fall for the narrative promoting “unity” under the auspices of […]

4 Health Issues That Are More Common Than You think.

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Tweet ( Most of us like to think that if we can just avoid the big health problems and injuries, that we’ll probably be OK. But the truth is that, while that’s mostly true, your health is actually more at risk than you might think, and for sure from more sources that you’re probably aware of. […]

The Black Guy’s Guide to Shaving.

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Tweet ( Most men don’t exactly have the smoothest time shaving. They suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation that they’d obviously rather avoid. However, black guys tend to have more problems more often because their hairs are curly, and therefore more prone to become ingrown. If you’re sick of skin irritation and you […]

Hear Today Gone Tomorrow: Why Our Hearing Is So Important.

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Tweet ( Many of us can really take for granted our senses. We look at things only to assume we always will be able to. We smell our food or our general surroundings without really taking into account how lucky we are. Do we really take our sense of taste for granted? What about our hearing? […]

Want to Be Happier, Live Longer? Then Head Back to Nature.

Tweet ( We seem to think that living in apartment blocks, commuting through concrete landscapes, and spending our time surrounded by manmade structures is normal, but it would look decidedly odd to our ancestors. Studies have shown that people who live closer to nature are happier, and also live longer, even when lifestyle factors had been […]

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