Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Shame and Shade In Birmingham: In Praise Of Black Panther Party/Civil Rights Activist Angela Davis.

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Tweet (Akiit.com) If anyone deserves a civil rights award, Angela Davis certainly does. The activist and scholar has been on the front lines of the civil rights movement all of her life. She has been especially active in prison reform matters, but she has also been involved in other civil and human rights issues. When I […]

Chris Abele Issues A $100,000 Personal Challenge Grant On Behalf Of America’s Black Holocaust Museum.

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Tweet (Akiit.com) Chris Abele, Milwaukee philanthropist and County Executive of Milwaukee County, has personally issued a $100,000 challenge grant to support the reopening of America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) at 401 W. North Avenue in Milwaukee’s Bronzeville African American Cultural and Entertainment District. Abele’s grant will match dollar-for-dollar all donations and pledges made by February 25, […]

2018: Black Films and Artists Highlight the Tribeca Film Festival.

Tweet (Akiit.com) The 17thannual Tribeca Film Festival provided an urban showcase for 96 feature films. The fest’s documentaries outshined the narrative and international features, while a host of TV shows, shorts, tech seminars, immersive experiences and special events also filled out the programming. Black films, filmmakers, actors and artists basked in the glow of a festival […]

Dr. Thomas Sowell’s Latest Myth-Buster.

Tweet (Akiit.com) I don’t mind saying that this column represents a grossly understated review of “Discrimination and Disparities,” just published by my longtime friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell. In less than 200 pages, Sowell lays waste to myth after myth not only in the United States but around the globe. One of those myths is […]

Honouring Black History Month.

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Tweet (Akiit.com) With Black History Month having just passed, it’s given plenty of time to pause for thought. There are so many African Americans who have contributed to enriching our lives. In honour of Black History Month, below you’ll find a list of some of the best books written by scholars and exceptional writers. The books […]

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