Friday, December 15, 2017

4 Things Every Commodity Trader Should Know.

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Tweet ( Commodity trading is not an easy task. While value does fluctuate, it’s not as intense as the stock market, so you can keep some comfort within that fact. However, there are things that every commodities trader should know in order to fuel their long-term profitability and success. Anyone unable to do this is likely […]

Job Security 101.

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Tweet ( Job security is the holy grail of the modern workplace, but one that is increasingly difficult to find. This is rather troubling, given the difference that firm job security can have on our lives. When we are in a secure job, where we feel valued, we are able to expand our horizons. We can […]

Simple Ways To Teach Kids The Value Of Money.

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Tweet ( It’s important to teach your kids how to manage money from a young age, otherwise, they’ll be coming to you every month asking to borrow some when they get older. If you don’t start young, they’ll get into bad habits and it’ll be too late. Until they start teaching it at school, it’s down […]

Dr. Harry L. Williams Named President & CEO of Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

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Tweet ( If you are like me, watching the Summer Olympics has always been a family affair. One of my favorite competitions to watch was track and field. Seeing legends like Florence Griffith Joyner and Carl Lewis made us so proud as they seemed to effortlessly run around that track, and win the gold medals. The […]

Donald Trump Trick Bag – Stacking The Courts.

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Tweet ( Two people reported to work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on November 27, both expecting to lead the bureau. Leandra English, who had been chief of staff to former Director Richard Cordray (he resigned before Thanksgiving to return to Ohio to run for governor), was appointed to the director position by her old […]

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