Monday, May 20, 2019

Which is Worse? College Corruption or Admissions SCAM?

Tweet ( Last week’s column discussed the highly publicized university corruption scheme wherein wealthy parents bought admission at prestigious universities for their children. That is dishonest and gives an unfair advantage to those young people but won’t destroy the missions of the universities. There is little or no attention given by the mainstream media to […]

Defense Spending: On the Rise, But Not Really Enough.

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Tweet ( We have a good news-bad news situation on our hands when it comes to defense spending. The good news is, it’s heading in the right direction: up. The bad news is, it remains too low to fix the spending holiday that afflicted our military for years — a failure to fund that has […]

Don’t Let Mark Zuckerberg Kill Free Speech.

Tweet ( This week, representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter will join with European leaders and the prime minister of New Zealand to launch a chilling proposal to curb free speech across the internet. Americans should be alarmed. Internet freedom is being extinguished fast in Europe. How long will it survive in the U.S.? Social […]

Democrat Elizabeth Warren Owes Fox News Employees an Apology.

May 15, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Elizabeth Warren had some pretty strong statements to make about Fox News on Tuesday when she explained she wouldn’t be appearing in any town halls hosted by the popular news organization. “I love town halls. I’ve done more than 70 since January, and I’m glad to have a television audience be a part of […]

Are Black Entrepreneurs Paying Themselves Enough?

Tweet ( The world is full of black success stories. In the business world there are many examples of men and women of color living (and embodying) the American dream just as there are in the political world, the artistic world and virtually any other world one could occupy. However, it seems as though in […]

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