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Grammy Award-Winning Rapper/Actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges Headlines This Weekend’s Edition of Our World With Black Enterprise

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New York, NY (Akiit.com) – “I think it’s a big miscommunication. People feel [hip-hop is] glorifying certain things when we are just talking about what’s real in our everyday world,” says three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges who headlines this weekend’s edition of Our World with Black Enterprise.

One of the world’s most popular artists, Bridges has gone from just rapping lyrics to becoming one of today’s most bankable entertainers. His socially conscious song, Runaway Love, has put him at the top of the charts, but the controversial artist recently went head-to-head with critics–most notably, media titan Oprah Winfrey–over his lyrical content and use of the “n” word. “We are just telling you where we come from or what’s going on in our neighborhoods, and how people speak,” he explains. “It’s like a coded language. If you don’t understand it, you can’t be so quick to criticize.” Rather than shy away from the controversy, Bridges lauds the benefits of the open dialogue: “Anytime I face adversity, I always grow with it, I always learn from it. It makes me a better person.”

Make sure you watch this week’s show to see host Ed Gordon further delve into hip-hop’s negative depiction of women, talk about the education and incarceration crisis concerning young black males, and learn more about Bridges’ philanthropic efforts.

Also on this week’s edition of Our World with Black Enterprise:

In recent weeks, presidential candidate Barack Obama took Hollywood by storm causing many to look at the longtime ties between Washington and Tinseltown. Newsweek national correspondent Allison Samuels, The Hollywood Reporter’s Karl Gibson, actress Taraji Henson, and host Ed Gordon take on the topic “Can Black Hollywood Elect Barack Obama?” in this week’s roundtable.

One of today’s most popular and collected artists is John Holyfield. His work has been described as visual literature. Our World takes a look at his positive depictions of black America in its Slice of Life segment.

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