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Press Release; Thank God I’m Natural: The Official Guide to Caring and Maintaining for Natural Hair…

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Like most black women, Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of recently published “Thank God I’m Natural: The Official Guide to Caring and Maintaining for Natural Hair”, grew tired of spending thousands of dollars and hours upon hours frying her nappy tresses into submission. After 25 years of trying to realize an unattainable beauty standard, Chris-Tia decided to finally let go of relaxers, wigs, weaves, and extensions and embrace her kinky hair for what it was in all its natural glory.

Although a growing number of black women are now opting to wear their hair natural, they are often at a loss when it comes to properly taking care of their tightly-coiled locks. Thank God I’m Natural eliminates the daunting task of searching through the clutter of websites, blogs, and Internet message boards for information on going natural, and side steps the growing number of individuals claiming to be “experts” on this ever-growing topic.

Featuring the advice of celebrity stylists for Oprah, Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Floetry and Naomi Campbell (among others), Thank God I’m Natural is a simple, fun, and easy to read publication that covers all aspects of caring for natural hair and locs. In addition to providing product recommendations and styling tips from the pros, this book also traces the history of black grooming practices and dispels many popular myths associated with wearing black hair in its natural state (e.g. Natural hair is unprofessional, I’ll never get a date with kinky tresses, etc.). This groundbreaking project is also unique in that it is filled with tales of hair disasters and successes from the perspectives of everyday women who are going natural. The author also shares her own personal experiences (both funny and sad) — working in corporate America with a kinky mane.

Chris-Tia holds degrees from both Harvard Law School and Harvard College, where she graduated cum laude. After years of exhaustive, first-hand research on the political, social, and historical facets of African-American hair and after having conducted interviews with hundreds of women and stylists from across the country and around the world, Thank God I’m Natural is finally here. The public has spoken — it was definitely worth the wait. Without a doubt, Thank God I’m Natural is the most comprehensive natural hair guide on the market today and the book black women need now more than ever before.

Autographed copies of Thank God I’m Natural can be purchased online at or at your local Barnes & Nobles.

For more information, visit or check our Chris-Tia’s blog for all the latest in hair care news and current events at To arrange a book signing or interview, email Piper Singleton at

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