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An Inspired Nurse’s Story…

( Coming from a family with a tradition in medicine it was only natural for Chantale Trouillot to want to heal sick people. Her father was a Doctor when Chantale was growing up in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Chantale wanted to be the hands-on, day and night, care and comfort for patients so she became a nurse. The family remained in Haiti while Chantale moved to the United States in 1985 and continued in nursing, gaining expertise in Critical Care.

In 2004, 13 years of marriage and 3 children later, her husband Erickson had a heart attack. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent triple bypass surgery. Years of patient care experience in the Intensive Care Unit had prepared Chantale for the clinical eventualities during Erickson’s slow recovery.

One thing she was not expecting was for her patient to complain so much about the embarrassing hospital gown he had to wear. During her career Chantale had seen advances in all types of medical products, but as she listened to her husband she realized the patient gown had changed little from the time she had first become a nurse. Her husband’s plight inspired her, and she developed a prototype of a new patient gown that would address her husband’s concerns.

She believed patients and their caregivers deserved a more dignified garment, and she put features into the design to help make nursing tasks easier as well. Having limited time and resources, Chantale teamed up with one of her nurse co-workers. Together they formed the ECT Solutions company, and filed for a U.S. Patent on their new gown.

In 2005, the company had a product and a vision, but no practical experience in going to market. Chantale’s husband Erickson had fully recovered from surgery and was working as a real estate agent. With the housing market wallowing in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Erickson became the fledgling company’s marketing director. Caring for an extended family, working full time, and trying to launch a new company all at the same time were taking their toll. The Trouillots were blessed to find many advocates within diversity programs offered by suppliers and healthcare facilities in the medical industry, and these people encouraged them to keep going forward in spite of these many challenges.

Through 2006 and 2007 Chantale and Erickson searched for a manufacturer that would take on their vision and produce the ECT Gown. Traveling extensively, they made a few false starts in partnering with large, established manufacturers in the healthcare textiles industry. All the while they continued to be enthusiastic about the potential for their product, and presented the ECT Gown to Chantale’s network of clinical nurse contacts. Ericson’s sister, a healthcare purchasing manager, added some contacts of her own, but throughout 2008 none were truly interested in moving forward as the company had no solid relationship with a manufacturer that could deliver the gown in the large quantities a hospital would require. They were running out of options, but they never lost hope.

Finally in 2009 their persistence brought opportunity and ECT Solutions signed an exclusive licensing agreement with American Dawn Inc. The company shared Chantale’s desire to bring a truly innovative gown to the market, and they were willing to commit resources to promote the product.

In 2010 ECT Gown sales are experiencing rapid growth. Chantale’s vision has been endorsed by a former Surgeon General of the United States, and patients are starting to benefit from the comfortable and clinically designed product she was inspired to create over six years ago.

I’m hoping you will be open to taking a look at a new reusable U.S. patented patient gown. I have no doubt the gown will sell itself. I know you are very busy, I am asking for 5 minutes of your time.

The gown’s designer, Chantale Trouillot, is a Critical Care nurse with over 27 years nursing experience in South Florida, who saw the need for a gown designed to meet the challenges of modern medicine. The special feature of the ECT patient gown enhances nursing efficiencies, promotes positive patient outcomes, increases patient satisfaction and helps reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs.)

In September of 2009, in his keynote address at a Supplier Symposium in Richmond, VA, the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, noted the ECT gown as the type of innovative product healthcare suppliers need to bring to the market; products that provide clinical value while reducing the overall costs of healthcare.

ECT Solutions has partnered with a minority owned manufacturing company called American Dawn Inc and have competitively priced the ECT gown. For the cost of the typical IV gown, the ECT gown provides features and benefits that are not available in any gown currently on the market. I am confident that once you see the gown you will see the value it will bring to Hospitals.

The ECT gown has been featured in Healthcare Purchasing News, Surgical Products and The Executive Healthcare Management.

The ECT Patient Gown is contracted with Premier and Broadlane GPOs.

Please click on the link below for a 5 min video presentation of our gown or visit us at

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Eric Trouillot
Marketing Director
ECT Solutions, LLC, MBE
Coral Springs, Fl. 33065

Written By Eric Trouillot

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