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Sen. Raphael Warnock’s Victory Is A Win For Georgia And America.

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What you’ll see is 20 minutes that will leave you with a deep feeling of inspiration and gratitude, and a question: why was this so hard? How is it that Warnock was so clearly the best candidate and had to prove it four times, in the last two years?

The Right Needs ‘Democrat’ Hunter Biden.

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They know it. But here’s something else they need to meditate on: Even if everything they’re alleging about Joe Biden were true; even if he did pull strings to help his son and even profited unjustly thereby, it still wouldn’t amount to a fraction of what Trump did. And it still won’t wash out the “damn’d spot.”

Social Media – Twitter Files: The real news is the left doesn’t care.

If you think half the country, including Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, are losing sleep, you’re kidding yourself. After all, Trump’s out. Recall what the retired Harry Reid said about lying about Romney’s alleged nonpayment of taxes. Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash if he had regrets about the lie Reid said, “Well, Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Does Donald Trump Really Want to be President Again?

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And two, could DeSantis assure Republicans of a fire-in-the belly, Trumpian zeal to take on the Left, while soberly promoting a MAGA agenda – and thus win over the hard-core Trump base?

So far, De Santis is reassuring donors and primary voters he can be as tough as his record is impressive.

But Trump is not encouraging the donor class and independent voters that he has learned that melodramas and social media riffs are not his friends.

Joe Biden’s Bribe of Americans.

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Regardless of the outcome of the student debt relief case at the Supreme Court, it is clear that politicians prioritize votes and power over the American people. They will use shiny ideals and bribes to manipulate the electorate and secure their votes. This is a fundamental flaw in our political system and must be addressed to ensure that the interests of the people are truly represented.

DC Politics: Qatar is the best supporting actor for U.S. in Arabian Gulf.

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Qatar’s culture frowns on public displays of LGBT orientations or enthusiasms as do many nations. FIFA knew that in choosing Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. Attendees know in advance that publicly exhibiting LGBT membership risks legal consequences. When in Rome, do as the Romans do is a time-honored courtesy expected of visitors in foreign lands.

The United States would be well advised to anchor its Middle East strategy to Qatar

DC Politics: An Executive Order for Reparations.

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People who care about national reparations should reach out to their Congress members, especially the White House, to encourage President Biden to sign an executive order.   We must also thank Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for her efforts.  Callie House was not the first person to take the reparations struggle to the courts, and the struggle continues.  President Biden can move the struggle forward with a supportive executive order.

Former President Donald Trump’s Political Death Wish.

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The second thing the post revealed, again, is that Trump has no problem being seen as a poor loser. That’s not an image Americans usually like. If someone loses, and especially if they are somehow screwed in the process, Americans are sympathetic, especially if the person takes the loss, doesn’t complain and goes back to work.

Joe Biden is Right, the Pandemic is Over.

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This vaccine mandate is creating a crisis that is impacting the ability of our Governors to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. In their letter to congressional leaders, the Governors advocated a clear solution to the crisis, writing, “it is your duty to provide for the national defense, and therefore, we call upon you to protect the men and women in uniform—who protect us—from an unnecessary vaccine mandate.” They ended the letter by quoting from President Biden, “The pandemic is over.”

2022: Tis The Season For Food Justice.

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The hunger issue is real, and so is the search for healthy, fresh food. Some call inner cities “food desserts,” but others describe them as “food swamps” because plenty of unhealthy food is available. What kind of system makes it easier to find grease and sugar than fresh produce? What makes the grease more profitable than the greens?

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