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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Hypocrisy.

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The bottom line is he doesn’t really care about any specific vaping product or kids, he’s just using this argument to push regulators into taking a hard line on the product and expand the federal government’s power into somewhere new. And if he really cared about health, he wouldn’t be going after the most successful stop-smoking aid out there while advocating for filter-less smoke from pot. As a former smoker who quit with the help of vaping (who then quit that, by the way), the idea that Chuck Schumer has made the health care of kids a priority is laughable when you look at his actions to promote marijuana.

Why Donald Trump May Win Again—Despite All the Odds.

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The man who Trump more than once has been not unfavorably compared too in style and approach to whipping up a wide swath of the masses had this to say about how to rev up a multitude, “For the great majority of a nation thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than sober reasoning.”

Film Review: Blue Beetle.

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Politician Dianne Feinstein: Grit And Grace.

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Many of us who stand with Barbara Lee chafe at Governor Gavin Newsome’s failure to appoint Congresswoman Lee. Still, we all have high hopes and wish much success for Laphonza Butler and his selection.   Governor Newsome’s appointment checks his box to appoint a Black woman to the next open seat in the Senate. His refusal to hear the many who asked him to appoint Congresswoman Lee will have ramifications in the long run. What might Dianne Feinstein have done had she been governor? Food for thought.