Saturday, May 30, 2020

Politics; Our new national pastime: Printing funny money.

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Tweet ( Ever play Monopoly? Wasn’t it fun to have little piles of “money,” little paper bills that seem like real money? And if you were good at it, wasn’t it fun to wind up owning Park Place and hotels and eventually maybe winning the whole game? Did you ever try to actually spend any […]

Financial Winner From the HEROES Act: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Tweet ( The 1800-page HEROES Act was passed along party lines on Friday in the House of Representatives, without hearings, without input from any Republicans and likely without meaningful input from most Democrats. How striking is it that the HEROES Act includes the grand sum of $1,200 in aid for individuals who desperately need the […]

It’s Never Too Late To Find Your Childhood Dream Job.

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Tweet ( As a child, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Most of us had childhood ambitions of jobs that perhaps seemed a little out of our reach.  However, making your childhood career dreams come true is totally achievable for people who gain the right qualifications. The world is very […]

5 Keys to Creating a Successful Remote Office.

Tweet ( Many of those who are involved in running businesses are being forced to adapt during this global pandemic. As standardized business protocols are cast aside, we pave the way for a more virtual approach. Over half of Americans are now working from home. Although these are trying times, adversity provides a lot of […]

These Faulty Mindsets Could Lead To Business Failure.

Tweet ( Business failure – it’s unthinkable, right? But sadly, many businesses do fail, for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes its a lack of planning on the part of the business owner. Failure can be brought about because of financial difficulties. And relating to both of these factors, failure can also stem from a faulty […]

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