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Powerful New Book/Company Details Economic Plan for African-Americans

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Linden, NJ ( – In Don Franco’s newly released book, The FAMDO Way: A Commentary and Solution to the African-American Crisis, a detailed economic plan is revealed to empower local African-American communities. Don is the Founder and CEO of FAMDO, Inc., a for-profit company that utilizes social entrepreneurship to equip black communities for success. FAMDO denotes: For All Minds Desiring Ownership.

In the book, Franco reveals specific examples of how the company (FAMDO, Inc.) plans to capture the African-American dollar, as well as partner with major U.S. brands/advertisers. He presents a credible plan to show how donations will be returned to local communities for empowerment. This unprecedented book/business model is much needed today as many within (and outside) the African-American community believe blacks have reached a state of crisis.
The book sheds light on how solid role models, key influencers (i.e., black stylists and barbers), and technology will facilitate this much needed empowerment movement. Furthermore, a strong understanding is gained by the reader as to why it’s important to equip African-American youth. All proceeds from book sales go towards the start-up costs of FAMDO, Inc.

The book is available at the website, Barnes and Noble bookstores/website, or can be purchased by calling: 1-888-280-7715. More outlets are coming soon.

Don Franco is, in many ways, an American success story. After being raised in poverty that destroys so many inner-city youth, he became “New Jersey’s (basketball) Player of the Year” at Linden High School. Don received a Division l basketball scholarship and played four years at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in Business. After graduation, Don spent seventeen years in corporate America working with some of the most valued corporations in the world. He resides in New Jersey with his wife of 21 years and their four children.

Please visit the company’s website at:

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