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Forever Sentimental Vol. III: Agape Love

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Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah

(Akiit.com) Ohio Poet, Kenyatta is a man of many words.  His book  Forever Sentimental-AGAPE LOVE  is Volume Three in the Forever Sentimental book series, collections of poetry that speak straight from the heart.  A gifted wordsmith, the poems are well written.  They flow like a lazy river spreading emotional attachments that embody the heart and soul of true love.  The lines are crisp and sometimes haunting.  These poems will make you smile but they will also bring a tear or two.

Agape is defined as attraction based on sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers, it is affection based on admiration; the assurance of love, warm attachment, devotion that is loyal and unselfish.  Agape love is the ultimate love and Kenyatta gives all of this and more in his poetry.

The poems in this book are broken down into four separate themes: Cherish The Love; Heartbreak-Lost Loves and Rejection; Hopelessly Romantic and the all consuming Agape Love.  The highest level of love; God’s love is Agape love and  Kenyatta says that his poetry is inspired by God.  In this body of work, he celebrates love and exposes raw human emotions.  Every aspect of human relationships between men and women is explored.  What is unique about this volume of poetry is the commentary that follows each poem which he calls Life Lessons.  Written in essay form, these tidbits are valuable insights into human nature and how one should look value love relationships.

Life Lessons give good advice about life; about love and about human relationships.

In Cherish The Love; he shares in the poem MULTI-PRECIOUS

…there are no easy words to explain
just how much you mean to me,
but I love you
with an extraordinary love;
a love that is peaceful,
a love that is kind,
and a love
that will never leave your side,
in this life
or beyond . . .

You will always be
the first priority
in my life,
and making you happy,
shall always be
the number one agenda
on my mind,
for you are rare,
you are beautiful,
and you are multi-precious
in my eyes . . .

In this Life Lesson; he warns that just like certain words can tear you down and make you feel bad or insulted, there are other words that can build you up.  He says that words are living things.  It seems this is the core of his muse. 

This book is a great gift for someone who is newly engaged, someone who can use these words to build and define a relationship.  It’s the perfect tool for a wedding planner looking for something special to add to the wedding program or to the wedding ceremony.   Any soldier going traveling afar and leaving a loved one behind will find words to express their love from afar in great detail.  And for the hopelessly romantic; this volume of poetry is so appropriate for one who dreams of love denied. 

But the volume also gives rise to the pain and hurt of love lost.  In the poem; YOU AND ME he writes;

 . . . it hurts me that you don’t return my affections,
but it destroys me that your sweetest kisses
and your most precious time
are reserved for someone else . . .

It doesn’t seem fair,
and it doesn’t seem right…
I’m a good person,
how many times can one heart
be broken?

The Life Lesson advises that when a relationship doesn’t work out, you should take that time to recognize what that relationship taught you.  He says; “There is a big difference between being alone and being single.  Just because you are not in a relationship, doesn’t mean you are alone in the world with no affection.”  Kenyatta is more than a poet.  His writings show a wisdom and an innate understanding of human behavior.  It is not surprising to learn that he earned a degree in social psychology.  

“Kenyatta’s mission is to make Forever Sentimental the most famous collection of romantic and sentimental verse ever created.  For any man or woman who is old enough to fall in love and out of love, it will be an indispensable guide to charting the little-mapped wilderness of the heart.”  As one who appreciates the role of the poet in society and the importance of poetry in African American literature; I think that his mission could easily be accomplished. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed Forever Sentimental-AGAPE LOVE.  It reminded me of the old school rhythm and blues songs of the seventies that sang of love lost and found and encouraged couples to get it on and be happy with one another.  Maybe that is just what the world needs right now.

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