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Local Black Newspaper Tackles One of the Most Sensitive Topics in the African American Community: Why Is It So Hard for Black Women to Lose Weight?

March 20, 2007 by  
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Springfield, IL (Akiit.com) – The Capital City Courier (CCC) does it again! The local black newspaper that addresses the most thought-provoking, sensitive, and occasionally hard-to-face questions has once again brought up a subject of pressing concern in the black community. In a time when 78% of all black women are overweight (with 50% of them falling in the category of obese), the latest offering from the nationally-acclaimed newspaper explores the history, causes, and solutions of this critical trend with this month’s lead story, “Why Is It So Hard For Black Women to Lose Weight?”

Written by Kim E. Gordon with her usual investigative style, this informative and provocative article follows the Capital City Courier’s tradition of delving into the past while examining the present in a well-researched and interesting format. “We understand the sensitivity of this subject, and, as always, we approach it from a positive direction in bringing out aspects that educate, encourage, and inspire while offering helpful recommendations.” This hard-hitting article probes the history and explores the future with answers and positive solutions to an issue that affects black women and the men that love them!

Also featured in this month’s issue is the article, “Blaxploitation Lives on in the NCAA,” which gives tremendous insight into the exploitation of black college athletes in the multi-billion dollar “amateur” sports arena. Written by former NFL football player Demetrious Johnson, this exposé of the professional organizations, coaches, agents, etc. that get wealthy from the unpaid talents of young athletes brings new awareness of an ongoing and growing problem.

“Keeping in the tradition of the Capital City Courier, we continue to reiterate that a primary aim of this newspaper is to raise issues that we as black folk talk about in private but don’t generally talk about in public,” stated Michael Pittman, the editor-in-chief of the Capital City Courier. “We feel the black community will be very informed and enlightened by our latest article, ‘Why Is It So Hard For Black Women to Lose Weight?’ If blacks as a community are going to make meaningful progress, we must be able to explore the issues that sometimes make us uncomfortable,” he continued. “We believe this is another one of those such issues.”

“The Capital City Courier will continue with these articles that spur rippling discussions across this country,” Pittman concluded.

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