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Blacks and Pollution – How Can We Survive?

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( All around us we hear about how the toxins in the environment are affecting the general population’s health all over the world. In fact in the UK, a study was conducted by the Environmental Pressure Group that measured the amount of chemical toxins found to be in the blood of it’s participants.

Chemical substances ranging from pesticides, fire retardants, and DDT; which has been associated with cancers and nervous and immune system disorders were present. While light is being shed on the matter of pollutants in that area. Pollution in the African American community is not being addressed appropriately.

We need to be aware of the increased risk within our community in respects to pollution so as to lessen the damaging effects in our lives and our offspring. According to the Washington based Black Leadership forum, 68% of blacks live within 30 miles of a coal fired power plant as compared to 56% whites. 30 miles is the distance within where people experience maximum effects from smokestack emissions.

Nationwide 71% blacks live in areas that do not meet federal air and pollution standards as compared to only 58% whites. There seems to be no rush to make it compliant either. Stricter testing should be enforced to assist in the detection and prevention of these harmful substances.

Another key factor as to why blacks are harmed more is that blacks are more likely to work in asbestos, textile, coal and silica mining industries. This is where they have over exposure to occupational respiratory ailments and these hazardous materials that contribute to chronic lung diseases. This explains the higher death rate from asthma in blacks, being as high as 38.7% per one million deaths as compared to 14.2% per one million deaths in whites.

People having contaminated blood is proof that that it is time for the government to address this pollution issue aggressively. It is absolutely vital that we get stricter laws on pollution in our areas to stop this ongoing contamination in everyday life. This is for the sake of our health, our children and future generations.

However, we should not wait until the government steps in. We can take immediate action to protect and fortify ourselves by cleansing our bodies now, thus providing our bodies with full ammunition to fight off its lingering effects from excessive build up pf toxins. Don’t wait for disease to manifest before we decide to place adequate protection on ourselves and our loved ones!
By Makeisha Lee

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