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24Seven Franchise Gives Vending a New Face

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Company Launches Diversity Outreach Initiative to Reach Franchisees of Color

New York, NY ( – 24Seven USA Limited, the fourth largest independent vending company in the U.S., has launched a new diversity outreach initiative in conjunction with its vending franchising program. In an effort to create awareness among potential franchisees of color, the company plans to target minorities in 14 of its U.S. territories, including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Georgia and Washington, D.C. among others.

The 24Seven Diversity Outreach Initiative emphasizes minority-based business networking groups–consisting of accountants, financial planners, attorneys and entrepreneurs–to reach potential minority franchisees. Its grassroots approach is designed to foster relationship building between minorities and business advisors, with the goal of creating awareness about the profitability of vending and opening doors to new franchise opportunities. 

“The typical business broker who sells a vending franchise has, in the past, been limited by a client and contact base that did not necessarily include a significant number of people of color,” said Greg Moore, an attorney and Area Franchisee who is facilitating the Diversity Initiative. “This program was created not only to attract minority franchisees, but also to expand the key business groups that influence the types of business opportunities folks choose to pursue. Such business network groups are an invaluable resource to share information with potential franchisees of color.”

24Seven’s diversity program is tailored to address the barriers that many minorities confront when attempting to enter the vending industry. “Many vending companies are either small, family-run businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation or, huge multi-national conglomerates,” added Moore. “For many minorities entering the vending business, competing against the conglomerates for top large-scale locations like school districts, hospitals and sports arenas would be a losing proposition but for the 24Seven program.”

As a consequence of its diversity initiative, in January, 24Seven added two new minority franchisees, Sigmund Pierre of Miami and Kemp Johnson, a real estate developer with an MBA from Clark-Atlanta University. Johnson purchased the vending rights to ProPlayer Stadium and handled all vending services for Super Bowl XLI in Miami, FL.

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