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HALLE SCREENS NEW FILM IN OHIO HOMETOWN: Hundreds of fans brave drizzle to greet Oscar winner.

March 26, 2007 by  
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     ( Halle Berry returned to her hometown of Valley View, Ohio Thursday night to attend a special screening of her new film “Perfect Stranger,” a thriller co-starring Bruce Willis.

      Under a steady drizzle, the 40-year-old Academy Award winner greeted fans, posed for pictures, stopped for interviews with local media and signed autographs as she made her way into the cineplex. 

      “I’m so happy to be home,” she told the packed theater in the Cleveland suburb. “I swear this is true. No matter how many countries I’ve been to, no matter how many warm receptions I’ve gotten, my heart was beating when I pulled up. Nothing feels better. The voices all sound familiar in some weird way. I’m of here. I’m from here. And I’m one of you.”     

       Cleveland’s mayor Frank Jackson referred to Berry as “homegrown and beautiful” when he introduced her to the crowd before the film began. Also attending the screening was Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

      “I’m a big fan of Halle Berry’s,” he told AP. “I think every man in America is.”     
      “Perfect Stranger” opens nationwide on April 13.

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