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Suge Knight Evicted, Rap-A-Lot Sues In Court Over ‘2Face’

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( According to reports, former Death Row Records mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was evicted from his luxury condominium on Wilshire Boulevard on Friday (Mar. 23).

Witnesses said that police cars and a detective came to enforce the eviction and that all of the mogul’s possessions were were loaded on to a truck in front of the building.

The eviction is the latest in the saga surrounding Knight and his pioneering record label, Death Row Records, which was co-founded with super producer Dr. Dre.

Last week, Rap-A-Lot Records filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Death Row Records in an attempt to collect money invested into the Death Row/Rap-A-Lot Records 2Face album, that consisted of posthumous vocals by Tupac, alongside new lyrics by Scarface.

The 2face album also caused a minor controversy, when lawyers for Michael “Harry-O” Harris claimed the album was proof of a secret long term business relationship between Knight and Rap-A-Lot founder, James “J Prince” Smith.

Knight filed for bankruptcy in Apr. 2006, in an attempt to avoid paying a $107 million default judgment against Death Row Records to Michael and Lydia Harris.

Harris claims he invested $1.5 million to help start Death Row Records in 1991, with Knight’s attorney, David Kenner. He claims he was cheated out of the profits.

Harris also claimed to be a 50 % owner in Rap-A-Lot, but the allegations were dismissed by Smith.

Harris, who is serving 28-years in San Quentin for attempted-murder and drug dealing, was married to Lydia Harris.

The Harris’ later filed for divorce and Mr. Harris later filed a lawsuit against his former wife, claiming that he was entitled to half of the judgment against Death Row Records.

Death Row Records was placed into the hands of a court-appointed bankruptcy-trustee in July 2006, after a judge ruled that the label was mismanaged due to accounting practices.

Knight testified that he hadn’t reviewed the financial statements of Death Row Records in over a decade.

Knight’s assets have also been frozen since Aug. 2005.

By Nolan Strong

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