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FAITH GAINING POPULARITY IN ENTERTAINMENT: Celebrities and Christian films continue to bring religion to the forefront.

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(Akitt.com) In Hollywood, faith is becoming more than something you discuss with your family and friends, it’s becoming an acceptable part of the entertainment environment. From celebrities talking about their beliefs to the release of blockbuster Christian films, faith is making an impact – a big impact.

Until recently, to hear God mentioned in a celebrity’s award acceptance speech was rare. Now, thanking God has become quite common, especially for black celebrities. Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson both thanked God when they won Oscars earlier this year.

In 2004, when Mel Gibson released “The Passion of the Christ,” Hollywood hadn’t completely accepted that a religious movie could draw audiences to the theatre. However, with the success of Gibson’s film and others following it, including T.D. Jakes’ “Woman Thou Art Loosed,” Hollywood has realized that Christians will spend on faith-centered entertainment.

Hidden Secrets,” a new movie that tells the story of a diverse group of people dealing with the sudden death of a friend, will be coming to theatres on April 30. The film, starring John Schneider and Reginald Vel Johnson (pictured), will open nationwide with the hope that Christians will continue to venture out to see good quality Christian films.

Other faith-based movies are in the works. Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is getting ready to star in his first role in “Church Boy,” a movie based on his life. The film is being developed with Lionsgate.

As more and more Christian films are released, box office receipts will be the real indicator of whether these movies will be produced more frequently in Hollywood.

By Stacey Williams

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