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Remy Ma Officially Released From Terror Squad

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( South Bronx, NY rapper Remy Ma has officially been released from her deal with Terror Squad/SRC/Universal.

Remy Ma first requested that she be released shortly after the release of her debut album, There’s Something About Remy , but due to legal hang-ups and bitter negotiations her status as a free agent was not made official until today (Apr. 9).

“I felt that I had out grown them I had been dealing with Joe and Steve since I was 18 years old,” Remy Ma told “We no longer had the same goals. They’re used to me being ‘little’ Remy who wanted all the fly sneakers, a nice whip and the biggest chain you ever saw on a girl.”

Well known for her involvement in various freestyle battles, Remy Ma caught the attention of rapper Big Pun who became a mentor to the up and coming rapper.

Remy Ma’s career with Terror Squad began when Fat Joe signed her to Terror Squad/SRC Records after the death of Big Pun.

Although Remy Ma was featured on the popular and well received singles “Ante Up,” “Lean Back” “Conceited” and “Whuteva,” her album There’s Something About Remy only moved about 75,000 units in it’s first week.

“After ‘Whuteva’, ‘Conceited’ and ‘Feels So Good,’ I should’ve been outta here,” Remy Ma said. “To me they just didn’t have the same drive anymore. They’re getting older and they’re comfortable. Me on the other hand, I’m just maturing and I’m hungry and I’m in beast mode.I want so much,and I refuse to lose or settle. I paid my dues now it’s Remy time.”

As a free woman, Remy Ma is currently beginning work on her second album entitled Punish-Her .

The Ron Browz produced track “Fresh” will be the first single off the album and should hit airwaves sometime this spring.

“I’m sitting in meetings all day, everyday politicking my own label, with me being my first artist,” Remy Ma revealed. “I have so many other projects involving films, TV and endorsements, but most important is my album.”

Remy Ma also addressed Shawnna’s unexpected departure from their highly anticipated female rap collective, before the group even released a record.

“Shawnna being gone is news to me,” Remy Ma continued. “We love Shawnna and wish her the best in whatever she chooses to do. But we’re still recording,” Remy Ma said.

According to Remy, females rappers like Trina, Charli Baltimore, Lil’ Mo and several others have already laid down vocals for the upcoming project.

“Hopefully we can get some of the other women in the industry as well,” Remy Ma said. “I just want our category back in the Grammy’s so I can win that!”

By Danielle Harling

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