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Black-Owned Technology Firm Files $47.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Verizon Wireless

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New York, NY and Phoenix AZ ( – The DLS II Group filed a $47.5 million dollar lawsuit against Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless for Business Discrimination, Violation of Civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Breach of Contract, Tortious Interference, and Violation of the Hobbs ACT in United States District Court Southern District of New York (Case No.: 06CV15321)

The DLS II Group and DLS II Technologies (DLS II) claims a group of directors, managers, and employees at Verizon Wireless Desert Mountain Region since late 2002 has been discriminating against its company due to the race of the owner and forced the company to participate in a mandatory extortion kickback payment scheme through the forced hire of a consultant into the DLS II company, in order to ensure liability could not be claimed against Verizon Wireless.

Below is a small brief of some claims made in the civil suit:

    1. Certain directors, managers and employees of Verizon Wireless repeatedly threaten the DLS II CEO and its staff if they discussed any issues with executive management since 2003 they would never do business with Verizon Wireless again.

    2. Certain directors and managers would forcibly take DLS II employees from their company thus placing them in fulltime engagements within there corporations thus forcing DLS II employees to breach there contracts without buyouts with a threat if a buyout was requested that DLS II would not do business with Verizon Wireless again. The KEY WORD used by these individuals was they had an EXCLUSIVITEY Agreement with DLS II to take employees under there management at will.

    3. A particular director went as far as to say that “some of the position that we are staffing were career opportunities and that he had only seen African American faces come through our company and that we had not even provided anyone of even Asian decent through our company.” A comment of that nature is racially charged.

    4. The suit also claims that Verizon Wireless directors, managers, and employees would spread vicious lies about DLS II in order to defame its name so other departments within Verizon Wireless, companies and perspective employees would not utilize its services.

    5. Death threats

    6. Forced to provide entertainment for managers and employees at gentlemen clubs during business hours where alcohol was being consumed, trips, meals and more.

    7. Forced to utilize our DLS II contract for another vendor that did not have a contract and were under a Non Compete Agreement with its previous company of record. After doing more than 2 Million Dollars in Gross Revenue since July 2002; DLS II has been forced to file this action. DLS II has tried to meet with Executive Management and Corporate Security of Verizon Wireless only to be told our claims are frivolous. DLS II also provided a Memorandum of Law with evidence to support its claims in October 2006. Verizon Wireless has retained counsel to fight these claims with one of the largest Law Firms in the United States, Kirkland and Ellis and has now provided counsel for each of its employees that are still employed or resigned at this time through Dechert LLP in New York.

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