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Rappers Need To Call Off The War on Black America

April 18, 2007 by  
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Atlanta, GA ( – Black grand mothers have stayed on their knees praying and many parents died early worrying about their children. Black fathers faced violence, just trying to protect their daughters from thugs and a Black on Black hateful lifestyle. Where is respect for what Jesus died for in all of this? But then, if you have no respect for our ancestors, who suffered through slavery and segregation over the last 540 years, how could you be expected to have respect for what happened 2007 years ago on Calvary. How can being obscene and disrespectful to little children, sitting in front of televisions and listening to radios, be considered Jesus like. Not only are you worshiping Satan, You’re slaving.

Rappers, why have you declared war against the poor, the foolish and the young? Why have you declared war against Black America and the respect that our ancestors died for? We feed each other drugs and disrespect and then ask God to bless us. You cannot make all your deposits into the Bank of Satan and come to the Bank of God for withdrawals. You belong to whom you serve. Money and power does not make Godly success. Example: There was a very intelligent grammar school kid that was rotten, evil and a liar. He went through High School, made all A(s) and acquired much knowledge; but still, he was rotten, evil and a liar. He was considered a genius in college and eventually acquired great wealth; but still, he was rotten, evil and a liar. He is like the plant that never grew, despite the blessings that God gave. Righteousness, he had none. I feel that God waits for such plants to grow in righteousness, but at some point the wicked little plants run out of time. We as a race have got to show God that we are not the plant that would not grow. Without God, we cannot succeed beyond that which Satan has to offer. And it is true that we will reap what we sow. We will harvest what we plant. The real message and intent of many rap producers are to convince Black youth that “You don’t need God to make it.”

The United States of America also needs to call off its 540-year war against African Americans. 400 years of Slavery, 100 years of segregation and 40 years of less than equal treatment, that’s our history in America. How could any righteous person look at this picture and claim that there has ever been equality for all. I feel that God will one day Judge the plant called America and determine whether it grew at all. In the Bible, God makes it clear that oppression is wrong and not Godly. To practice oppression is to worship Satan. I feel that repenting and forgiveness are always possible; however, I strongly feel that God knows the lips of a liar.

Don Imus and Michael Richards referred to African Americans with great disrespect. Black Rappers have referred to African Americans with great disrespect. To the innocent, it does not matter if a white snake or a black snake bites. Both bites are just as lethal.

Adults need to know that there is no constitutional right that adults have to provide sexually and derogatory packed audio and video tapings to innocent children, when they know all the time that minors are a major reason for the wealth that they acquire as a result of such tapings. The true intent is clear. This amounts to ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor’

Russell Simmons and all others that are associated with and make millions from the recording and distribution of what I feel is filth disguised as music need to back off from supporting an industry that is destroying our youth, our future. Sisters and Brothers, we need to stop supporting an industry that makes its millions by keeping us mentally enslaved. History tells us that we were perceived as over sexualized animals, not worthy of respect. We were devalued and treated as property. Six hundred years later we have chosen to enslave ourselves. This last slap in the face tells us that the change won’t come from the outside, the change must start with us.

By Roy Miller

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