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4 Pillars We All Need To Stay Healthy

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(Akiit.com) Have you ever marveled at the architecture of a well designed building from the outside and were so impressed that you just had to see what the inside looked like? Well many of us may not realize it, but our bodies in and of themselves are also well constructed and excellent architectural designs. They have the ability to astound in that same manner and ultimately perform miracles. While they may have been designed as such, if we do not give our bodies what they need to function on a daily basis, they will cease to perform for us and begin to look more like a rundown shack that everyone wants to avoid looking at and has lost interest in.

How may we prevent the latter from happening? Just the same as a beautiful, strong, well designed building requires a good support structure, so does our health. They can be defined as pillars because they are fundamental principles or practices that keep our health well supported.

Pillar #1 – Nutrition
By now most of us are witty enough to understand that we should be eating nutritious meals. Sad to say though the food that is being manufactured today is depleted of good nutrition and most are left nutritionally bankrupt. With proper nutrition you help build your body up to be in a position to ward off degenerative disease. There are foods that help the body and foods that do not belong in the body – point blank. So guard what is going into your body like a bulldog and be selective!

Pillar #2 – Exercise
You have heard it a million times; here is a million and one more. 80% of the U.S alone is overweight because of what we eat and what we don’t do in the form of exercise. Besides that fact, consistent exercise is necessary for good cardiovascular health in addition to good lymphatic health which is commonly overlooked. Let’s keep it moving!

Pillar #3 – Pure Water, Food, and Clean Air
These all need to be considered as one pillar, as we know that today man has caused these things to become contaminated. So much so, we now have to seek these once already pure substances out because they are no longer just a given. Our air that we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat is toxic. Chemicals such as flame retardants, steroids, chlorine, fluoride and more are in our food, air and water supply. So we all must cleanse these harmful substances from our body, seek out the purest source of all the above to put into our bodies from here on out. This is not optional if we expect to have pristine health now or ever. Choose organic foods, purified water and perhaps seek out suitable air purification systems. Most importantly- cleanse and detoxify your body, regularly!

Pillar #4 – Stress Management
In the last decade we have heard a great deal about stress being a silent killer. Please do not take this lightly. You may be stressed and not recognize that you in fact are. If you are not getting proper rest (6-8 hrs) of sleep nightly you are not managing stress. If you don’t give your body that downtime it needs, it will do a half job for you and deplete you of energy. Energy is our life force that keeps all bodily functions going. Only surround yourself with positive people to manage your stress levels. We are a composite of our 5 closest friends and/or family. If they are negative in nature, they are stressed and so we will be as well. On that note give away things that you have no control over and begin to focus on what you can do, what you do have control over.

Your health is within your control and you can make the decision today to take care of it!

By Makeisha Lee

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