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Prioritization or Procrastination – Where Does Your Health Stand?

June 5, 2007 by  
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(Akiit.com) Are you truly living the life you want to live? Are you as healthy and vibrant as you would like to be? Do you wake up every morning refreshed, energized and ready for whatever may come your way? Too many of us today are not able to answer yes to even one of those questions because of the condition of our health. We say we want change and we say we want to feel better, be better, do better but rarely does it result in the latter.

What happens in those cases is that we allow procrastination to creep in and take us further and further away from our goals. We may reason that, my life is so full already that I just cannot find the time to try to live healthier by adding anything new in the mix. We say to ourselves, Maybe when things settle down. I will go to the doctor’s – next month, or when my income tax refund comes, I will start that new healthy eating plan because that’s when I can afford to make that money sacrifice. We prioritize paying our bills such as house note, car note, life insurance, and car insurance in order to be provided with a level of security. What about paying for our own “health assurance”?

Perhaps we will look for some other justification as to why taking care of our health is not all that pressing since we feel okay for the moment. Some may start a healthy plan but when faced with a little discouragement, let it fall by the wayside, convincing themselves that they will get back on the saddle – one day. What if one day is too late? Our body is smarter than we give it credit for and gives us signs that something is malfunctioning within us that we do well not to ignore.

When you experience recurrent headaches, sleeping problems, chronic fatigue, problems with elimination and acne breakouts, these are all signs. They may seem miniscule, but they are signals that something greater is going on. Those are just a few examples, but sadly the list goes on… In actuality there are many diseases that may go unidentified within us if we continue to take our health for granted by procrastinating. That is why prioritization must be placed on our health. When we prioritize we decide we are going to allocate time way up at the top of our to do list to reach our health goals. We don’t put it off and make excuses and self defeat ourselves.

We understand that we may be feeling fine today but over the long haul if we don’t prioritize our heath now, that we may very well succumb to any range of diseases currently known to man. When we make good health a priority we begin to focus, not on letting go of bad habits but rather on building new, healthier, positive ones. Once these good habits have become ingrained in us we will start to live our full potential of overall success. As Waldo Emerson once stated “make the most of yourself, for that is all that there is of you.”

There are 45% of the American population that make resolutions every year to get healthier, eat healthier, lose weight, and the like, however only a mere 8% succeed in reaching their goal. That figure results from those who fail to plan when they have a goal, allow procrastination to set in like gangrene and inevitably the only thing they succeed in is failing. So let go of procrastination and embrace prioritization with your health. Start experiencing the good health and prosperity that is your birthright!

By Makeisha Lee

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