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3 Reasons Why Being Black May Shorten Your Life Span

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( The point in time when all we were advised to do to stay healthy was to take an apple a day, to keep the doctor away, is over. Even as recently as 15 years ago we were in fact able to do less and get more, but back then chronic illness was not at epidemic proportions either. Being African American and ignoring proper care for our health will absolutely significantly decrease our life span. The statistics speak for themselves.

    1) The majority of whites ( 57%) and blacks (54%) in the US are not even aware that blacks suffer the worst health status as reflected by a lower life expectancy than whites. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

    2) 35% more blacks die from Cancer each year as compared to the general population. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

    3) 40% more blacks die from heart disease each year as compared to the general population. According to the Center For Disease Control ( CDC).

Given this insight, not one African American living and breathing today can afford to act like these FACTS does not exist. Every one of us has a friend or a relative and maybe both that fall in those numbers and or one or more of those categories. Oh too often do we hear of someone just passing away suddenly and prematurely. This is not new news for us. Just a few weeks ago we lost Yolanda King- a very powerful and influential member within our community to a possibly preventable health disparity.

At what point will we make it our highest priority to make a lifestyle change that encourages longevity and optimal health? Regardless of what challenges arise, i.e., scheduling time to get regular checkups at the doctor’s office, getting informed on health alternatives, or reallocating finances to choose a healthier way of eating and living. After all no matter what the health disparity is, the advice is always the same for prevention and in some cases even rejuvenation and healing. You will always hear, change your diet and exercise…etc.

We must learn right now, today, how to shake ourselves out of this cultural hypnosis we have been in. We must slap ourselves out of this mental myopia that makes us think, “It can’t happen to me, or it won’t”. One thing for sure is that it’s not a matter of “if” it’s when.

At what point will we make our minds up for good that we won’t let anything jeopardize our well being in respects to our health? We don’t need permission to restore ourselves from the inside out. We simply need to get out of our own way, open our eyes and ears to all the possibilities that lie before us.

Realize that we have enough information, technology and resources to take control over our health to beat the odds and feel good in the process. Just because the preferred method of treatment may be unconventional does not make it any less effective.

On the contrary many unconventional health programs have been much more effective in treating various health disparities as well as preventing them. You can let your body be the judge and choose which is best for you. Turn those three reasons for why being black could shorten your life span into reasons why we’re experiencing blissful health beyond measure – Cleansed body, balanced pH and restored immune system!

By Makeisha Lee

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