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( Within the last 15-20 years, the progress of Black Americans has drastically declined and statistics show increasing incarceration rates, rises in single parenthood, too many abortions, low number of marriages, immoral and indecent incidences of high profile celebrities elevated, and (Black on Black) homicide/crime numbers disproportionately higher than any other racial group.

The answer is human beings are human beings therefore people share similarities in behavior in every single category. More importantly, the question that MUST be asked is why are Blacks suffering at higher rates in every single category known to man? Just recently, the one category to which Blacks were nearly non-existent was that Black melanated people were NOT getting skin cancer. Now, a report revealed that when Black people get skin cancer, that form is stronger and more deadly; I wonder who researched that-someone who wants Blacks to lose at absolutely everything, I bet?

As I ponder about solutions for the upward mobility of the Black race, I realize that African Americans have 3 basic commonalities:

    1. Blacks have a distinct skin tone and hair texture that differentiates them from other racial groups, i.e., similar looking and easily classified.

    2. Blacks share the same history of enslavement, racism and oppression

    3. An ongoing negative massive media campaign that leads people like sheep with repetitive images that popularizes harmful stereotypes and targets messages of perfumed sprayed hate aimed to keep the foot on the neck of the most talented people on the planet-the African American.

I see a dangerous and cruel trend of displaying Blacks as the vilest human beings on the planet via the media, and much too often it is another Black person who is acting as a front man for the KKK mindset that seeks to degrade and de-power people that look like themselves and their own children.

Just within the last year, there are too many horrible portrayals of Blacks via the media. I don’t even have to travel back 100 years to see Black face, minstrels, and buffoonery to realize the same tricks of the past are repackaged with the same contents and intents.

Hollywood released movies like:

~Black Snake Moan that was a test to see if Blacks were psychologically weak enough to be willing to return back to being enslaved. Promoting at every angle that Blacks exist solely to serve, protect, and uplift White people.

~Angelina Jolie in Blackface (A Mighty Heart) playing the role of a Black woman and having the real life Black woman condone such a miscarriage of Black racial pride. Furthermore, neither even considered the struggles of finding positive roles for the Black female actresses.

~The mega-successful hit Broadway play, DREAMGIRLS finally made into a movie (after 20 years) starring the most talented and successful Black people in the world being released in less theaters than Cedric the Entertainer’s flop chasing non-Black women in The Cleaner, the highly insulting misogynistic movie Norbit, and just recently, another there goes the neighborhood overused plot in Who’s Your Caddy, to which is produced by a so-called Black owned (BET founder Bob Johnson and Tracie Edmonds of Soul Food fame) movie studio called “OUR STORIES” that adds insult to injury with their first film being a movie written and directed by a White guy who has some serious stereotypical images of Blacks, disguised as if he is feelin’ us.

Yes, the movies that insult Blacks the most are the ones that get the most production dollars and huge marketing budgets. We must ask ourselves why, especially since the number #1 grossing Black film (adjusted for inflation) of all time is Malcolm X (the documentary) and the #1 miniseries of all time is ROOTS?

Don’t think for a moment that Snoop, Ludracis, Nelly, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., and 50 Cent were just the most talented rappers the White – owned media could sign seal and deliver; they got the spotlight because the proverbial “they” censored those who had a glimmer of racial pride. Don’t believe for one-moment rap crap artists, aka minstrels, weren’t chosen on purpose to destroy Black progress. The above mentioned lowlifes were the least suspecting, plus the most ignorant and the easiest to manipulate to be used to do the devilish work of the KKK who has hired them to send messages to their people to do the most deplorable acts in society and present it as if it is cool, hip, down, and contains the winning formula to get the respect every human being deserves.

Black America had to be put of full blast in order to see what has been staring us in the face for years. VH-1, MTV, BET (down 29 percent in their ratings) green lighted minstrel shows such as “Flava of Love“, “I Love New York“, “Monique’s Charm School“, and the most recent “Hot Ghetto Mess” renamed to “We Got To Do Better“; all have been highly criticized and their advertisers are NOW running for cover and away from these highly controversial ghetto messes derived from the mindset of self-hating Blacks and monitored by non-Blacks to ensure maximum buffoonery.

You see, it seems every single Black person who has made millions of dollars via the media in the last two decades has performed the dirty deadly deeds of racist who are pulling the strings and enticing them with temporary (bling bling tells them to spend it all) monetary rewards instead of just pats on the head while working in the big house to simply keep the fields slave (always been the majority) in their places, which is to NEVER THREATEN the White Power Structure.

I often wonder if White people are offended by Black people who actually like their Blackness?

Everyday more and more Black people are speaking out against overt racism and are very serious about putting a halt to Black decline. The light at the end of the tunnel is shining through; we just have to move toward it with more vigor and consistency.

Isn’t America billed as the ONE place in the entire world that one can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go from rags to riches, despite their race? If not, then this is what EVERY American should be fighting for, which is to make America live up to their promise of racial equality.

PLEASE, PLEASE STOP WITH THE CENSORSHIP LINE. Imagine all the good talented Black people that have been censored due to their unwillingness to be used as pawns to destroy their own people. The Black people who have pride, dignity and self-respect, plus talent have been tossed to the side and determined to be useless for the heavy-handed attack on Black progress.

I’m telling everyone, DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THOSE WHO DEEM YOU HARM, DO NOT GIVE TIME TO RIDICULING YOURSELF. Most importantly, give your time and money to those who love you, who take the time to learn the system and fight against it for BLACK’S BEST INTERESTS.

By Pearl Jr.

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