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Press Release: “Speak Up”…You Don’t Have “Real” Friends Anyway!

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( Antioch, CA For many people, speaking their mind can be so intimidating that they simply would prefer to bite their tongue in the spirit of getting along. However, holding your true feelings inside is one of the most toxic forms of self-destruction (disease). In fact, those friends that frown upon you for “speaking up” may be contributing to your self-destruction; therefore, they may not be your true friends anyway!

Poems in the Key of Life is for those who are seeking to find the proper words to speak up and articulate their innermost feelings about life’s situations. This book “speaks to” the very core of the heart, soul and spirit. It helps you to find the right words to address the situation you are experiencing. The book is segmented into four categories: Inspiration and Motivation, Spiritual, Love and Relationship, and Life and Drama. It is a collection of poetic verses that addresses all aspects of life based on the authors’ personal experiences, observations, obstacles and triumphs.

It is a book to be enjoyed by everyone. Now You Don’t Have to Think about What You Want to Say…just reach for the book…Poems in the Key of Life.

About the Authors
Despite the exceptional sales, this is a debut for both authors PJ Rhae and Don Jackson, husband and wife dynamic duo, as well as their publishing company, Senoj Publishing. PJ has a MPA in Public Policy. She consults and conducts success seminars with large organizations. Don has a BS Degree in Economics and Finance and consults with small businesses. They both have a successful real estate and mortgage company and reside in Northern California.

Poems in the Key of Life can be found at or
ISBN: 978-0-615-14695-9
124 pages


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