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The HIP-HOP-NOLOGIST’S Approach to Ending Black Progress

September 11, 2007 by  
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( The Effect of Music Hypnosis!

9/11 is an important day in the lives of many Americans. This year marks the sixth anniversary of the largest enemy attack on U.S. soil–over 3000 people lost their lives, the twin towers fell to the ground, the Pentagon was badly bruised, and a fourth plane missed the White House and crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

But something else is happening this September 11, 2007–another attack on the minds of many unsuspecting hip-hoppers.

Confusing Kanye West and rap crap artist, 50 cent, are dropping albums laced with hip-hop-notic beats and mind-twisting lyrics. This occasion has been marketed as a second coming of hip-hop-nosis–a good vs. bad standoff. You see, rap crap sells are down more than 44 percent, signaling that someone has clap clapped a significant chunk of fans out of their hip-hop-notized state of mind that chants to them to love, honor and respect that in which will inevitably destroy them. Furthermore, it denies the listener the ability to see suffering happening in front of their very own eyes because it teaches that death, disrespect, dishonor, lewd, crude, and minstrel-type behavior is the way to win in today’s society.

The hip-hop-nologists very cleverly rewards a few for bad behavior so to trick the majority to believe that crime pays, (whether faked on camera or real encounters with the law), so the imitators get locked up in droves or killed for believing and acting out the hype lie that criminals are winners in society. In other words, pay a few handsomely for the well-articulated illusion of fame, filth and fortune, so to destroy millions.

Yes, Black males more than any other segment of society has been mesmerized into doing evil, but sees no evil. Why else would a large group of people do what they see in music videos, or emulate what they hear on the radio, or follow what is repetitively played on their CD player, when time and time again, they see more and more death, despair, incarceration, and single-mother households? It’s because they are under hip-hop-nosis-the most successful psychological experiment known to man.

This form of extreme mental abuse begs for pain and then doesn’t comprehend the reason why it hurts. Black men killing each other at disturbing rates, more widespread poverty, more children being abandoned by their fathers, more and more mothers abusing their children due to being overwhelmed, calling women, that gave them life and WERE destined to be their future wives, bi-atches and hoes, and then fighting for the right to call themselves the most despicable word, Ni**er, publicly and then have pride in spreading denigration all over the world.

Hip-hop-nosis also teaches not to snitch; to love and protect the bad guys and negates to connect the dots, that quite possibly, their silence could make them the next victim. Sure leave the robbers, rapists, drug dealers, and murderers on the streets to do more damage. The police, whose job it is to protect and serve, are judged to be the worst enemies, when Blacks actually kill one another at a rate that is a thousand percent higher than police killing Blacks.

Oh, Blacks have been hip-hop-notized to levels that’s even impressive to the hip-hop-nologists. The hip-hop-nologists are the ones the public doesn’t see, but is making most of the money. He is behind the scenes picking and choosing who qualifies as a race self-hater, reminds them that filth, crime, and Black insult sells, then manipulates rap crap artists into putting a few more “n“, “b” and “h” words in their highly promoted songs because the good stuff just doesn’t sell. This hip-hop-notism has worked so well that many Blacks want to yell freedom of speech so to continue to distribute pain and suffering to mainly Black mothers who are losing their sons at the hands of another Black male, which means the hip-hop-nologists destroys two Black males, instead of just one.

Yes, there are other elements that have enhanced the effectiveness of the highly successful hip-hop-notism like violent movies and warmongering. But as of late, collateral damage is rising and spilling into the White community, especially to White females. For example, Britney Spears being dawged sistah style by hip-hopper, Kevin Federline, and went crazy flashing her pu-nannie in public and shaving her head. And when Lindsay Lohan was caught behind the wheel after a high speed chase, she was quick to blame the stereotyped Black guy for her celebrity, drug-induced, bad behavior that mirrors the shenanigans of many of rap’s biggest stars.

Anyone with half a brain knows it’s going to be Blacks that take the blame for White problems, while the real power players count their money and laugh at how easy Blacks fell for the Okey Doke to do the work for the KKK mindset that hates Black equality!

It’s the media moguls y’all and we have all been dupped into financing our own struggles, desperation, and pain. Like I’ve written before, soundscan cannot verify what race is buying rap crap CDs and believe me, Whites were NEVER 80 percent of the buyers or concert goers!

Confusing Kanye has told us that Jesus Walks, while he promoted an education is a waste of time with albums called “College Drop-out” and “Late Registration“, and 50 Cent has minimized the prominent achievement of a Black man’s facial image on the 50 cent coin (Booker T. Washington) by over-popularizing that 50 Cent equates to bullet proof vests, gang bandanas, and AK47’s. Now of course, Kanye hasn’t been as violent as 50 Cent, but isn’t the promotion of wasting one’s mind nearly as detrimental as the killing one’s body?

Taking into consideration, the decline of Black progress in the past 15 years, and the promotion of irresponsible spending (bling-bling tells Blacks to give back every dollar collected from Black pockets to a few White hands), it could only be hip-hop-nosis, a mind altering experiment, that is responsible for maliciously telling the most talented people in the world that pain and suffering is beneficial.

Oh yea, there will be a Congressional Hearing about the effects of hip-hop on the floor of the Senate and I hope all those hip-hop-nologists get exposed and the punishment they deserve. The phenomenal talent of Blacks should have NEVER been used in such a counter-productive and harmful way.

This article represents a “clap clap, you can wake up now” message. Let’s clap clap more people out of their hip-hop-notism by circulating and posting this article all over the internet. If you run into opposition, just know many are still hip-hop-notized and may need a few more clap claps to awaken them from the illusion that pain and failure is a Black birthright.

When we look back at the hip-hop genre, it’s going to be one great big embarrassment!

By Pearl Jr.

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