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Blacks: Their own worst enemy

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( Referring to CNN as an acceptable news outlet is tantamount to referring to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) as the model for Christian family values.

The opportunity to brand Bill O’Reilly as a clueless racist, by filing erroneous reports (that were intentionally edited out of context), foment racial discord and add another dozen viewers to their dismal Arbitron ratings proved too much for CNN to pass up.

The bottom line is that black America, fairly or not, does have a negative image problem – one that CNN and those blacks who feign insult at the slightest perceived insult – do little or nothing to change, while demanding not just a pass, but acceptance for and of their aberrant anti-social behavior. The difference being that CNN, the Jacksons, Sharptons and other race mongers cash in on it, while those engaging in the eructation of victimhood further marginalize themselves.

I’m not going to win any popularity awards within that crop circle of blacks and liberals – who see the poiesis of the alleged ongoing pogrom of blacks as the espirit de corps that binds them together – but that’s not my problem.

If it is negative, and/or if it makes blacks into victims, you can bet the evening news will lead with it. When was the last time you saw CNN lead with positive stories of black accomplishment? If you are black, when was the last time you applauded the accomplishment of another black who didn’t play victim or have an edge of militancy earmarking said accomplishment?

Blacks are inculcated from the womb to believe that whites, especially conservatives, are out to get them. Living under that onus creates a debilitating vestige of rage, resentment and inferiority. In reality, whites, apart from liberals who trade on black immiseration, are not interested in holding blacks down or treating them unfairly. And in no way do they reference blacks in the same disparaging ways blacks do them.

But as renowned black author and poet Taalam Acey has said, “There’s a market for ni@##s.” Sadly, too many blacks don’t get it. They eagerly embrace the lies and myths about themselves.

In the documentary film “What Black Men Think,” producer Janks Morton debunks four major myths that blacks readily espouse as factual about themselves. Blacks (and whites alike) are taught and encouraged to blindly accept the myth that there are more black men in prison than in college. The truth is that, at the time the Justice Policy Institute report was released in 2002 that calcified this lie, there were 805,000 black men in college and 757,000 black men incarcerated. In 2005, Morton revisited the statistics and found that, of black men ages 18 to 24, there was a 4-to-1 ratio of black men in college juxtaposed to those incarcerated.

The media tell us that black men who are secretly bisexual explain the high incidence of black women contracting HIV/AIDS. The truth is 2 percent of HIV/AIDS cases among black women were contracted from black men. Furthermore, 50 percent of black women who died from AIDS contracted it from intravenous-drug use or sex with intravenous-drug users.

Another commonly held and readily accepted myth is that half of all black men do not graduate high school. The truth is, as Janks’ research proves, 78 percent of black males either graduated or received GEDs. And finally, Janks dispels the angry myth that a high percentage of black men marry white women – especially those who are successful. The truth is 5 percent of interracial marriages involving black men are with white women.

Every black group, including the NAACP, every news outlet, including CNN, and every individual have free access to the same government data Janks used to shatter these myths – yet blacks are encouraged to embrace these myths without question. The end result being angry cries of disenfranchisement.

How is it that people living in India and other foreign countries believe that nearly all blacks are drug dealers/users and criminals? Why is it that blacks are encouraged to resent and ridicule successful blacks that don’t ascribe to victimology?

The NAACP was prepared to honor the alleged and indicted pedophile R. Kelly with their image award until Project 21 made them think otherwise. Al Sharpton is in Jena, La., demanding that a young man, with an extensive criminal record, be released – calling his violent beating of another teen just a schoolyard fight. But he is scheduled to go to Virginia, where he will demand harsh penalties for the men and women who brutally assaulted two black women. You cannot have it both ways.

Many blacks may not like it, but all too often, when they’re not being their own worst enemies, they are giving their tacit stamp of approval for others to portray them that way. CNN has not done the black community any favors by trying to raise their dismal ratings at the expense of blacks.

It is time to stop feigning insult over nothing, and over that which could be avoided by appropriate behavior, and start promoting positive stories of blacks, regardless of their party affiliation. It is time to stop honoring malevolent anti-social behavior and victimology.

By Mychal Massie

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