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Black Women In Modern-Day Slavery

February 9, 2008 by  
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(Akiit.com) Black history month is the time specifically set aside each year for the world to reflect on the contributions African Americans have made in the past and even the present. Inevitably, we also reflect on slavery times to learn something – good or bad.

The Black woman’s role was an integral one then and even more so today. Although the slavery of old was abolished long ago, there has come to exist a new form of slavery for Black women. What is it?

Obesity and sickness is the new form of slavery for us! We are losing our women in record numbers to easily preventable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and more; most of which comes as a direct result of obesity. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that an astonishing 52% of Black women are – obese, not moderately overweight, but obese! How is this considered slavery?

We have become prisoners in our own bodies, bound with ties of various forms of discomforts that accompany an unhealthy body which are simply NOT the norm. From such, we are held captive – day in and day out. In some cases many Black women are barely clinging to life!

To that end, there is no “white” man yielding and cracking the whip anymore, but we have carried the baggage from that time and thus have unknowingly created our own, “self imposed slavery”- obesity and illness! By what we do, “to” our health, and/or don’t do “for” our health ultimately enslaves us.

Slavery is apart of our heritage as we all dully note, however this 21st century slavery need not be our legacy. It is time for AUTHENTIC solutions and resolutions! Here are the main keys to unlock the shackles:

KEY 1 – Knowledge & Power – we can individually choose to enlighten ourselves to the true facts about obesity and degenerative diseases. Know your status, your risk factors, ALL your treatment options and be proactive, not reactive about addressing your health.

KEY 2 – Stay away from “gimmicks” – this includes fad diets or fat loss supplements. A whole body approach, focused on healthy living is by far the most superior way to getting real-lasting results, as you are able to address the underlying causes of obesity and/or sickness.

KEY 3 – Eat to Live – just “eating right” is not enough these days in order to achieve optimal health. You need a complete blue-print that encompasses “superior nutrition” combined with physical activity. The right blue-print can get you where you want to be using the safest, yet quickest route possible and will also add years to your life – not subtract. The slaves back in the day knew the escape route because they had a plan and a blue-print; indeed their very lives depended upon following it!

KEY 4 – Confidence & Determination – we absolutely have to have confidence in our own bodies that they have the capabilities to heal and repair themselves when given what it needs. Don’t be afraid to trust and explore non-conventional options for your health. Be determined to get to your final destination, i.e., (ideal weight for you or coming off of multiple medications). The slaves that were determined to be free were the ones that escaped!

In closing you must ask yourselves, will you remain a “captive” slave? Or are you a” runaway” slave that refuses to accept obesity and sickness as a way of life or as your legacy?

The power is within us all. Rip off this blanket of oppression that keeps you in bondage of an unhealthy body and excess weight. Don’t miss the fast moving freedom train – ACT!

Written By Makeisha Lee

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