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Since when did being black in America become “Lucky”, Ms. Ferraro?

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( Since when did being black in America become “Lucky“, Ms. Ferraro?

One of the most absurd things I have heard lately came from the Clintons and their surrogates. Oh, the Clintons! I used to admire them. Well, at least one of them. Now, I feel nothing but utter disgust towards them. My Libertarian and Reagan-loving friend used to tell me about the lack of Integrity, Principle, and responsibility in the Clintons. However, I did not hear her as I was outraged by the self-righteous politics that I saw being practiced by the congressional republicans in the late 90´s which seemed unfair to Bill.

Now, I know what she meant. I am not sure if I exactly knew what the meaning of the word “Integrity” meant at the time. Since then, Al Pacino has defined it for me with the clearest of examples in the film “Scent of a Woman.” When he was protecting the young teenager who would not snitch on his friends to save himself, Al Pacino declared, “That is integrity.” The Clintons however not only would snitch to benefit themselves, but they would also invent, create, and stir problems where there were none, to advantage themselves. We saw it in South Carolina, when Bill tried to destroy the Shining hope of the Black, White, Latino, Asian, and Native American people and the world at large; as a Fairy-tale, Jesse Jackson-like Black man. That did not work, but they brought the Somali traditional cloth. That did not work either. Now Geraldine Ferraro is doing their bidding.

Ferraro´s statement, “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman [of any color] he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept” has been rightly described by Obama as “patently Absurd.” Let me also add “unhistorical“. Since when did Black people ever benefit in America for being Black? In fact, they have been oppressed and disadvantaged for over 400 years precisely for being Black. I hope she is not insinuating that he is getting affirmative action-like admission to the highest office in the USA.

If that is what she is saying, then, my God, the Woman´s jealousy and bitterness has gotten the best out of her. His magnificent performance and Hillary´s failure may have driven her to madness.

Obama is here because he is Frank, Fresh, Reflective, Inspiring, Smart, Articulate, and Future-oriented as opposed to the Boring, Calculating, Tired, Dishonest, Uninspiring, and Past-oriented Hillary. These qualities have nothing to do with their race or gender.

Ferraro´s motive for her statement seems to be better analyzed by Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Dowd opines that ENVY is the source for Ferraro’s statement, and I agree. Let me also add that there is also Anger and bitterness. As we are being asked to update our list of the “7 deadly sins” by Catholics, what a great reminder that the old 7 deadly sins are still timeless. The bitterness of White women over 60 and their resentment of Obama for outshining Hillary have been well-documented.

I feel very sorry for them, but this election is not about them. It is about the Country and the World. Yes, they may have been victimized by being passed over for a younger male, but Obama is not the victimizer. He would have been a fellow victim, and even more victimized at times. His kinds of men still are being victimized. Just, look at the ratio between black men in college and Black men in jail. Obama is not here because of such statistics, he is here despite such statistics.

Obama is here NOT because he is “lucky to be Black“; he is here DESPITE the Unluckiness of being Black in America. He is here because he persevered in his Education and Work despite the obstacles against being successful and Black in America. As he might say, he is here because of his audacity to work hard and to Hope. Now, he has infected young people of all backgrounds with hope. She seems to be bitter about that.

There is one thing he is lucky about though. That is, he has been gifted with a great voice to deliver speeches.

Written By Eremias Woldemikael

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