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Top Ten Groups of Stupid People…

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(Akiit.com) In America, propaganda and media mythology allow people to believe things that make absolutely no sense. If one person says something, the media delivers it and enough people repeat it, the thing being said starts to sound good to stupid people hearing it or saying it.

In fact, some stupid people embrace the propaganda and get overly emotional and righteously indignant about things that they believe, but do not understand. These are people without a real perspective of their own, save what they think they see in their daily lives.

Sadly, many Americans are just stupid people. So stupid that they believe in things and do things that defy logic and reason.

In another Top Ten list, here are my Top Ten Groups of Stupid People.

1. Americans who hate people from the Middle East, instead of Bush, his friends and other Americans who support making war on oil-rich nations.

Bashing people who are of Middle Eastern descent, including hatred and actual violence will not bring the troops home and will not bring an end to a war that should have never occurred.

Honestly, many of the people who are being bombed and shot at are average citizens of sovereign nations and some of the attacks on American troops are no different than if another nation occupied America with military presence. They didn’t ask Bush to come and bring troops and the time for pulling out has long past. Let’s put the blame where it belongs—on the goofy administration concerned more with foreign affairs than domestic affairs. If you know of any reason for the troops being there other than oil, please state your case, because Bush doesn’t even bring bin Laden’s name up anymore.

2. Women who are still angry over Hillary Clinton losing the primary election.

Hillary lost the primary election because too many people recognized that she is a disingenuous, mercenary racist who would have done anything to win. It’s time to let go of a dream that was really a nightmare and embrace a dream that is tangible and possible.

3. Blacks who think Barack Obama is above being tainted by politics.

Certainly, Senator Obama has shown himself to be a man of more integrity than the average politician, but since we know that politics is a dirty game, we should not be surprised if he makes friends with some questionable people along the way to the White House. For example, Hillary Clinton just may be his VP running mate…

4. Americans who think that there is something good to come from having US Military presence in the Middle East.

Let’s be honest—most Americans have no idea of the real reason why American troops are stationed in the Middle East, so let’s stop pretending that there is some noble cause involved. There are too many unresolved issues in this nation to be spending billions overseas. Damn, can our children get smaller classrooms, updated textbooks, better teachers (which will come at a higher cost), Physical Education or Band back in the schools?

5. People driving SUVs, even though they have no kids or even spouses, nothing to haul and no friends to ride.

Gas is as high as giraffe booty, yet we still see too many people mashing down the freeway in a mini-tank disguised as a consumer vehicle. And some of these people have the nerve to complain about the cost of gas.

6. Blacks who think Obama as a Black president means he will be president for Black people.

We see a clear example of color-blind politics (pun intended) in New York, where David Paterson, the state’s first Black governor, is refusing to deal with Black issues. Before he was Lt. Governor, Paterson was angry that the Attorney General refused to support the Black United Fund, but then joined the Attorney General on the ticket to become Governor. Now, as Governor, he refuses to deal with the issue. This is an extreme case of the wrong program.

We hope that Obama gives attention to neglected issues that affect Blacks, but he would be insane to pay more attention to Black citizens than the rest of the people who will elect him.

7. People who are angry that R. Kelly was acquitted and will now hold on to his case with OJ.

Sure, we know R’s a pervert, but that’s not enough to convict someone, otherwise, we would lock up 80% of the priests in America. I know, I know–no one wants to talk about child molesters in the church, so let’s get back to a diversion. If cops can beat Black people on tape and get acquitted, then why wouldn’t R. Kelly get acquitted when both he and the alleged victim denied that they were the people in the tape? Evidence? We don’t got no stinking evidence!

8. People who were surprised by Jesse Jackson’s outburst of hatred towards Barack Obama.

Jesse is having the hardest time grasping the fact that his days of pimping Black issues for personal gain are over. The man is drunk from the Haterade he’s been downing and has officially lost his mind. Careful Jesse, your jealousy and stupidity are showing.

9. People who were surprised that the perennially self-hating Whoopi Goldberg would defend Jackson’s usage of the N word.

This is the same slave who is so brain damaged that she defended Ted Danson’s wearing of Blackface and usage of off color racist jokes.

Why wouldn’t Elisbeth Hasselbach act confused, when white folks watch stupid self-deprecating Negro clowns defecate on their race’s image on a regular basis? Even if folks want to say that she was disingenuous, the fact remains that she made Whoopi look like the ignorant House Nigga she has always been.

Finally, why do some dead brained Negroes think they are being witty or progressive by defending public usage of the N-word? It’s one of the main items showing how backwards we are as a people, because we are the only group on the planet who think that using the most derogatory term for ourselves is a “revolution” that will somehow desensitize the word.

I’m still waiting for the outrage over Robert Downey Jr.’s blackface act in his new movie…

10. People having a moment of shock over John McCain telling off color jokes about rape and apes.

This is a man who called his wife a filthy name in public. Why would he have any decorum otherwise?

Many Americans have no idea how things work, yet work their mouths all day long about issues they feel emotionally attached to.

Don’t be the one who brings a divergent viewpoint to stupid people, or you’ll be torn to shreds with personal attacks and emotional waste, as opposed to well thought out viewpoints based on anything real.

That’s how stupid people operate.

Written By Darryl James

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