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Where Rick Ross Meets Johnny Gill…

August 5, 2008 by  
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( For the past couple of weeks, Mo’Kelly has laughed uncontrollaby at Rick Ross/William Roberts. Bob was exposed as a sick combination of CB4, Milli Vanilli and Malibu’s Most Wanted…all rolled into one disgusting fat body.

What was not to like about the fairytale of the rise and fall of Bill Roberts.

A supposed gangster rapper was exposed for being a fraud. Not only was he found to be a fraud, he was the exact antithesis of everything he purported himself to be. It’s one thing to allege yourself to be a big time drug dealer, it’s another to allege so lying about your underwhelming career in law enforcement.

That was the funny part. Now here comes the unfunny portion of the Rick Ross/William Roberts fairytale.

Bill Roberts, in his latest public attempt to “clear” his name, demonstrated how he and singer Johnny Gill are related. Meaning, when one feels his “manhood” has been attacked, hurl every single stereotypical, one-dimensional, illogical and unbelievable remark at the wall and hope one of them sticks.

Granted, Bill Roberts didn’t throw women under the bus in the way that Johnny Gill did to “save” his heterosexuality; but it’s pretty much all the same. This time, Bill Roberts went one step further and threw African-American children under the bus…all in the name of protecting a lie. Further perpetration of a lie through its perpetuation.

Bill Roberts’ latest public statements are these:

“I never ratted on a n***a, I never prosecuted a n***a, I never locked up a n***a that is first and foremost. I always felt being the man that I am and the boss that I am I never owed a n***a an explanation. Every man gotta look his kids in the eye and have a reason for feeding them or not. For that sole reason I believed in the death penalty for rats and informants.”

“I surpassed my life goals 18 months ago, but you see where I am now; sitting in a new Benz, $100,000 grand cash in my pocket and a dirty white tee. You know I’m strapped to the teeth. We got more bullets than we got dollars. That’s just how it goes and that’s how it’s going to go until the day we die. A N**** don’t like it, get at me. I’m the muthf**kin biggest boss that you seen this far.”

Roberts threw African-Americans under the bus because although we know for a fact “he knows better,” he instead opted to espouse ignorance…fake ignorance at that. That’s TWICE as bad as real ignorance. Real ignorance can at least claim REAL “ignorance” when all is said and done.

Very quickly…the only “reasons” Bill Roberts never prosecuted or locked anyone up is because correctional officers like Bill are neither lawyers nor judges; (you know, the only people who prosecute or lock people up.) And by the way, “real men” don’t ONLY feed their children, they set a worthy example for them to emulate. “Feeding children” encompasses more than mere food.

Roberts would rather also have young people believe that $100,000 in his pocket and not invested is a reasonable and rational belief system. And since when was having more bullets than dollars something to brag about?

Especially, when it isn’t true and the lie isn’t fooling anyone.

Not only is Ross a liar, he’s throwing Black children under the bus in a desperate effort to save his career. That makes him both a liar AND a sell-out.

And he’s STILL saying it…even though we KNOW he’s a fraud. It is unconscionable and equally abominable.

Mo’Kelly’s never been one (a gangsta), never will be one and never hopes to get to know any real “gangsta” too, too well. But Mo’Kelly has come to “casually” know some over years as a result of life and circumstances. This is what Mo’Kelly can tell you for sure.

Listen up, young and impressionable adolescents.

“Real” gangstas…never had to “say” they were the biggest boss…everybody already knew. The biggest “hustlas” in L.A. never had to speak on their own behalf and they surely never granted interviews in order to tout their exploits.

“I’m the muthf**kin biggest boss that you seen this far.”

Uh…no Bill, you’re not and no Bill, you never will be.

“Real” gangstas never publicized that they were career criminals. “Real” gangstas know that there aren’t any statutes of limitations on certain crimes. And seeing as the criminal justice knows you and your social security number exceptionally well BILL, a “real” gangsta would have common sense to steer clear of such nonsense.

Those who have any real connection to the music business know that there are at least THREE well-known hip-hop labels originally funded through the drug trade. Y’all can fill in the blanks as to whom. Note, none of these respective individuals/label founders can be found on any CD or in any interview claiming to be “the biggest muthf**kin boss that you seen this far.”

Coincidence? Not hardly.

Mo’Kelly says that to say, one semi-known rapper of marginal financial means is by no means the “biggest boss” Mo’Kelly has seen or anyone else has seen for that matter.

The point of the matter is that Bill Roberts should have left well enough alone. But as they say, the most difficult part about telling lies is the subsequent maintenance lies then required.

What’s most unsettling is that Roberts seems desperate in the way that many wanna-be gangsters are…I.e will do something violent and stupid in order to gain a level of street credibility neither needed nor deserved. The question today class is, what stupid lengths will Roberts go to now, in his “Johnny Gill-like” hail mary to save his image and supposed manhood?

The more Roberts lies, the more ridiculous he sounds. The more ridiculous he sounds, the more the press clowns him. The more the press clowns him, the more lies Roberts tells. The ante is being upped continuously. Something…someone will have to give.

But it won’t be Mo’Kelly. If Roberts wants to weave a fantastic narrative about drugs, and murder being used to fund a lavish “dirty white tee” lifestyle…that’s fine. The USA Network and Lifetime are currently accepting scripts for production. Hell, TNT also “knows drama” as they say.

But if Roberts wants to somehow weave his fantasy at the expense of African-American children who will be thrown under the bus in the process, Mo’Kelly will be here to continually inject reality and clown.

And if Roberts was being truthful about surpassing his life goals “18 months ago” then there’s really no need for him to continue this charade of a music career any longer. Somehow, Mo’Kelly thinks that common sense and reason will again fall victim to fake thuggery.

Written By Morris O’Kelly

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