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The Top 4 Restaurant Scams and How To Avoid Them…

September 25, 2008 by  
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(Akiit.com) Has the rat infestation in some of the fast food joints like Taco Bell caused you to boycott eating out in any other restaurant? Apparently, it has not for the majority of Americans. If eating out has been your practice, maybe you wonder how is it that you could order something so extensive and your meal comes back in 15 minutes.

Here are four shocking secrets that even so-called “five star” restaurants practice that may make you think twice about where you make dinner reservations at:

1) Daily specials are not always “special”. Instead, daily specials are often dishes prepared specifically to get rid of ingredients nearing the end of their shelf life. To spot these suspicious “specials,” look out for expensive items used in a way that minimizes their flavor, such as cut and braised lamb chops playing second fiddle in a dish.

2) So-called “healthy” selections on the menu are loaded with calories. According to a registered dietician and representative for the American Dietetic Association, restaurant meals average between 1,000 to 1,500 calories.

3) Menus are rigged. The dishes that earn the restaurant the most profit are always located in the most eye-catching spot.

4) Seafood scams. Often inexpensive fish, such as pollack, gets passed off as something more expensive, like cod. Or, Maryland-style crab cakes may be made from crab that came from Vietnam.

Although it may be necessary or just desirable to eat out, the caution is to just be fully aware of all the tactics used by restaurants to get over on the consumer – you.

Lastly, this may prompt you to eat out less and save more money to ultimately increase quality of life!

Written By Makeisha Lee

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