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Ten Groups For Obama To Ignore…

November 18, 2008 by  
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(Akiit.com) Since the election of the first Black president, many people have begun to amass great expectations.

Some of those expectations are realistic and practical and will probably be met by the new Commander-in-Chief.

However, some of those expectations are silly, selfish and based on the inane notion that President Barack Obama owes a debt to specific groups of people.

President Obama has to lead the nation based on the things that will benefit the entire nation, which means that he must do what benefits the many and not the few. While he does that, he should ignore the whining of groups of people who believe that he owes them a specific debt.

In another Top Ten List, here is my Top Ten List of people the new president should ignore:

1. Black Extremists.
I said it before and I will say it again: President Obama is the leader of the entire nation and owes no specific debt to African Americans. While I believe that his policies will benefit many of us, he can not lead the nation while focusing specifically on us. Our job is to take his shining example and create our own dreams.

2. White Extremists.
It was a beautiful thing to see so many white people join people of color in electing the first Black president. But that doesn’t mean that he owes that group anything more than any other group. Whatever debt he may owe will be paid when we find ourselves in a better nation.

3. Religious Extremists.
During his campaign, Obama paid attention to religious nuts who wanted him to distance himself from his former pastor, but that is as far as it should go. Right about now, Christians, Muslims and Jews need to go on about their business while the new president leads them all.

4. Conservative Extremists.
While President Obama will be making overtures to extremists across the aisle, he will do so in the interest of bipartisan leadership of a more perfect union, not because he owes anything to right wing nut jobs who have been running America into the damned ground.

5. Feminist Extremists.
A large portion of this group in particular mortgaged their respectability and viability by supporting Hillary Clinton and then switching parties just to invest hope in that airhead Palin. They should now sit down and shut up.

6. Gays seeking legalized marriage.
Gay marriage is NOT an issue of national importance and should be given no serious consideration by the new president. The economy and national security are far more important.

7. Hispanics who are illegal immigrants.
Just because many Hispanic Americans joined in to elect Obama doesn’t mean that he will open the borders or deliver amnesty to the throngs of illegal immigrants who need to apply for citizenship like every other immigrant or accept that they have broken the law and should be prosecuted.

8. Big Business.
The economy has been tanking for quite some time now. Big Business has done little to protect the American consumer, so they should take their $700 billion and go away. No more predatory lending and no more bailouts. Let the auto industry fall and let’s see who will take up the slack.

9. Airlines.
I had to separate the airlines from the other big businesses in America, because they are perhaps even more offensive to the economy than the predatory housing lenders. I think instead of any of them looking for a bailout, they should be questioned severely as to why their prices are still high even though gas prices have fallen. The lie they sold the nation was that gas prices drove their prices up. They should be ignored by the new president and as many consumers as possible while they falter.

10. Rich People.
We’ve already heard the whining from overfed selfish donkeys who bemoan Obama’s plan to cut taxes for the middle and lower class. Let the rest of us join Obama in ignoring the well off who forget that America is supposed to be a nation where those on top take care of those below them. “Give me your tired, your poor…”

I tried to include as many people as possible to demonstrate the point that President Obama doesn’t owe anyone anything and doesn’t need to listen to any one group of people. This is the first president in a long time who I believe can and will actually lead the nation based on what is good for the many and not for the few.

Bush has been taking a dump on the nation for eight years, but everyone will expect Obama to fix everything in eight weeks.

If you are amongst that number, you should now be ignored…

Written By Darryl James

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