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5 Easy Tips To Avoid Over-Eating This Season…

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(Akiit.com) The change of the seasons alone is enough to cause some people to overeat, especially those in cold climates. Combine this with the stress of the economy, the holidays, and an abundance of seasonal foods – and the temptation can become very overwhelming for some.

So how can you short-circuit that temptation and still enjoy yourself? Here are 5 easy, practical and realistic tips to use:

1) Don’t Starve Yourself
The number-one rule to avoid holiday overeating is to make sure you eat enough. This is not the time to start restricting calories to the point where you’re so hungry…even the foods you “hate to eat” starts to look good. The key is to eat small meals or snacks frequently throughout the day. This way, you won’t ever really feel hungry, and you’ll be able to resist all those grains and high-sugar foods that will sabotage your healthy diet. Fill up on all the nutritious foods, like healthy meats, vegetables, coconut or some berries that you want so that you won’t feel that you’re missing out.

2) Buy a New Outfit
This tip can work for Ladies and Gents! Whether you decide to indulge in a new blouse, dress or a special shirt and tie, the point is to purchase something that you are really looking forward to wearing and that you feel good about. When you feel good about yourself on the outside, it will help you to respect yourself from the inside and you’ll be less inclined to keep reaching for the “better than sex” cake.

3) Get Some Fresh Air
A simple, quick walk outside will not only give you a quick burst of energy, it will also take your mind off of food. By the time you come back inside, you’ll feel refreshed and your food cravings will likely be diminished. Taking a walk after dinner is especially helpful because moving around will help your meal to digest and reduce your chance of becoming sluggish or tired.

4) Deal With Your Emotions
Many of your food cravings have nothing to do with physical cravings and are actually emotionally based. You may associate certain holiday foods with the comfort of your childhood and be tempted to overeat them to try and regain that sense of comfort. Or, the stress of the holidays may be behind your overeating. Instead opt to get involved in a fun board game with friends or relatives. Or you can relax in a recliner and sip on some organic hot apple cider and let the stress melt away!

5) Remember: Its Just Another Meal
Focus on being grateful for life itself and you’ll quickly see that family and friends are at the center. This outlook will take the focus off of food.

Written By Makeisha Lee

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