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Unless You Are Already Perfect, Here Is How to Remake Yourself for 2009…

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( If you are perfectly satisfied with yourself, this article is not for you. If you are a sincere individual seeking to better your life, here is some strong advice on how best to remake yourself for 2009.

First of all, firmly implant this thought into your mind: The greatest human developmental discover of the past 200 years is the fundamental extent to which people can change their lives by changing their beliefs and attitudes. In other words, the starting point for making something happen is having the belief that you can make it happen.

If strong belief is not present, you start out at least half-defeated.

Secondly, you must rid yourself of false, quasi-religious beliefs. Firmly implant in your mind the following mantra: Success in life goes most frequently, not to the most deserving, the best looking or even the most intelligent. Instead, success goes most frequently to the person with the greatest drive.

When you combine deep belief with high levels of motivation, you have an almost unbeatable combination.

Once you have belief and motivation, the next ingredient for re-making yourself in 2009 is process – the action-steps you must follow in order to convert a dream into a reality or the old you into the new you. Here are the steps:

#1 – Establish a clear vision of the new you. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and vividly describe the new you. Write down how you are going to look, how much money you will be making and how you are going to walk, talk, smile and smell. Also, describe the places you will be going, what you will be reading and who your friends are going to be.

#2 – Right beneath each change you plan on making in your life you will write down three things you will do to bring that change about.

The only caution to the above process is to be guided by the fact that you can only start from where you are. Thus, you planned changes can be a bit unrealistic because trying to achieve such goals forces you to stretch mind and body in such a way that you go beyond your current self.

However, do not be too unrealistic because instead of setting goals, you end up fantasizing and that is a waste of time. For example, if you are currently making $25,000 a year, do not adopt a goal of making $200,000 within the next 12 months. Life is process – one step at a time.

#3– Review all the changes you plan to make and then pick the easiest one. That is where you will start. Start work on the easiest change first and before you are completely done, start work on the next change. Get accustomed to success. Do not stop but move on to the next change.

You must not only write down your planned changes but (where practical) post the on a bathroom mirror or anywhere that you will constantly be reminded of them. In addition, share you planned changes with a close friend or two so there will be someone to pull your coat tail if they see you going astray.

Belief comes first because you must deeply believe you are capable of bringing about the changes. Motivation is second because action is the only force that can convert beliefs into realities. Process is third because it details the specific steps you will be taking. Knowing the process makes you tremendously more effective and efficient.

Follow the above and you will re-make yourself rapidly and efficiently. Start with the easiest change RIGHT NOW! Happy New Year!


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