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3 Steps To Better Health For African Americans In 2009…

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( There must be some good earthly explanation of why in this free society that we live in today, we find clear, sharp, pronounced dismal facts about the health of the Black population. The life expectancy of Blacks has significantly decreased as compared to our white counterparts since the year 2005.

This is compelling enough evidence to warrant a full-blown investigation, mass proclamation, institution, resolution and solution to the issue that we face as a race. We can not go silently into the night and allow this to be our legacy for which our ancestors have endured a torturous existence, just so that we could, “be”. How can we move forward and reverse this downward spiral into physical bankruptcy?

Here’s a 3 point guide – simple, but yet extremely effective stepping stones to support longevity and optimal, quality living:

1) Never skip a meal. Instead, snack on any of the foods. Apple halves, dried fruit combinations, brown rice cakes, raw almonds or, dry whole-grain cereal packed in little baggies can provide a practical, inexpensive, yet healthy alternative to junk food when you are in a hurry.

2) Drink pure water. Essential to human health, drinking pure water helps with digestion, keeps the skin healthy, wards off fatigue and removes impurities from the body quickly to optimize good health. You must use a pure water source or you will be doing more harm than good. Using an inexpensive water filter in your home to bottle your water is ideal. It is best to sip on water throughout the day to hydrate the cells rather than gulping down huge quantities all at once. Drinking half your total body weight in ounces is recommended to be properly and thoroughly hydrated.

3) Engage in physical activity. 20-30 minutes a day will help keep the doctor away. If it’s doing laundry, put extra effort into it. Walk the dog, go out dancing, and just go at it vigorously. This helps with good cardiovascular function, good mood, increased energy and more. Start out with doing some kind of physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day and gradually increase the time as you get into a routine. If you miss a day, don’t scratch the whole week, just pick it up the next day and do 30 minutes on that day.

Once you have implemented these 3 easy steps into your everyday life, you will feel more confident about adding another 3, and another, until finally you are living the life we all were meant to live.

Written By Makeisha Lee

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